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Grasses for landscaping – Incorporation gravel to a landscaping scheme will reduce the amount of water needed to maintain what would otherwise be grass. In an area where the grass does not grow well. Chippings incorporated to create a brand new outdoor space, like a courtyard or patio. Spruce up a front yard with a crushed-rock road. Or cover a dirt driveway with gravel for a relatively easy to maintain, but updated look.

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A gravel courtyard is a particularly good choice for an area where the grasses for landscaping do not grow well, or where there is enough sunlight to support a full garden. Clear the area before you put down the rock. If there is little sunlight to begin with, simply go over the area with a garden rake and remove what grass grows. Tamp down the dirt. To kill any remaining grass, fix newsprint and wet it with the hose. Outline yard with plastic edge to keep the rock on site.

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Put down gravel and even it out with a rake, tamping it down to secure the rock. Create a special outdoor space by planting shade-loving grasses for landscaping plants and groundcovers over the edge of the cliff. A warmer climate will support fragrant gardenias; gardenias love hot shady spots. Put the tiles in one part of the farm before installing a bench or small table and chairs.

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