Replace Metal Porch Railings In Concrete

Replace Metal Porch Railings In Concrete – The metal porch railings are often installed with vertical supports are installed in concrete steps, porches and landings. This can allow water or ice to the pool at the base of the supports, causing corrosion and possible failure of the handrail. Replacement involves removing the old rack, which can be quite easy with the right tools. The installation of the new railing will not involve putting the new rail’s support in the concrete.

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Loosen and remove the lag bolts that attach the rack’s rail at the side of the house to replace metal porch railings in concrete. Cut the vertical supports of railing at the level of the concrete with a reciprocating saw. Make sure the saw has a metal – cutting blade attached. File away the excess metal sticking out of the concrete. Insert the new rail in place. When buying new tracks, make sure they are built with an integral flange. And the mounting holes on the bottom of the vertical supports. These can be screw directly into the concrete. Making it unnecessary to make a hole or dig out the old foundation. This design is also more resistant to corrosion. Mark the position of the mounting holes on the bottom of the vertical supports of the concrete.

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Drill holes with three sixteenth inch hard piece on marked places. Insert the metal porch railings into place, lining up the mounting holes with the drilled holes. Secure the handrail on the wall at home with wood screws. Put corrosion resistant masonry screws into the mounting holes and screw them into holes on the front porch with wrench. Patch the old holes in the concrete, the concrete mix patch. In most cases not be necessary supports for the new railing will probably match the site of old rail’s support.

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