Online CNA Classes with No GED Requirement: How to Start Your Career in Nursing Today

Are you someone who wants to work in a healthcare setting but does not have a high school diploma or equivalent (GED)? Don’t worry, you can still become a Certified Nursing Assistant (CNA) through online classes that do not require a GED. Online CNA classes that don’t require a GED are perfect for anyone who is unable to obtain a GED due to various reasons including financial constraints, personal reasons, or other factors. This article will discuss the benefits of online CNA classes and what you can expect from them.

One of the great things about online CNA courses is that they offer a flexible schedule that allows you to complete your coursework on your own time. You don’t have to worry about missing out on anything, and you can work at your own pace. You can save a lot of time and money by not having to commute to a traditional classroom setting. You will also have access to online support and resources, making it easier for you to learn and succeed. In addition, many online programs have instructors who are available to answer your questions and provide feedback on your work.

Nursing assistant
Nursing assistant

What are Online CNA Classes?

Online CNA classes are virtual programs that provide complete certification courses for those who want to become Certified Nursing Assistants.

GED Requirements for CNA Classes

There are plenty of online CNA classes that do not require a GED for training such as American Red Cross, Career Opportunities Center, and Nurse Aide Training School, among others.

Online CNA Classes No GED Required: Everything You Need to Know

If you’re looking to become a Certified Nursing Assistant (CNA), it’s essential to know that the profession requires hard work and dedication. However, with the right education and training, you can become a qualified CNA and start a new career. The good news is that you can take CNA classes online without needing a GED or high school diploma. In this article, we’ll provide you with all the details you need to know about online CNA classes with no GED required.

What Is a CNA?

A Certified Nursing Assistant (CNA) is a healthcare professional who plays a crucial role in assisting registered nurses (RNs) in caring for patients. CNAs provide direct care to patients, such as bathing, grooming, feeding, and monitoring vital signs, under the supervision of an RN. They usually work in nursing homes, hospitals, and other healthcare facilities.

Why Should You Choose CNA as a Career Option?

If you’re wondering why you should choose CNA as a career option, here are some reasons:

  • It’s a rewarding career that allows you to make a difference in people’s lives
  • CNAs are always in high demand, making it easier to find a job
  • The job doesn’t require years of formal education and training
  • The pay is competitive, and the benefits are usually good
  • CNA work is flexible, and you can choose from various work settings and shifts

What Is a GED?

A GED (General Educational Development) is a series of tests that measure high school-level academic skills, such as reading, writing, math, science, and social studies. The GED credential is equivalent to a high school diploma and provides access to higher education and better job opportunities. However, not everyone needs a GED to enter the workforce or pursue higher education.

Do You Need a GED to Take Online CNA Classes?

No, you don’t need a GED or high school diploma to take online CNA classes. Most CNA programs require a minimum age of 16 and a criminal background check, but not a GED. However, keep in mind that some states might have specific education requirements that you must meet before you can become a CNA. Therefore, it’s crucial to research the CNA requirements in your state before enrolling in a program.

How Do Online CNA Classes Work?

Online CNA classes cover the same topics as traditional CNA classes, such as medical terminology, anatomy and physiology, infection control, patient care, and ethics. The only difference is that online classes are delivered through a virtual platform, such as Zoom, Skype, or Moodle. You’ll be able to interact with your instructors and classmates through chat rooms, discussion boards, and video conferences. Online classes are more flexible than traditional classes, as you can complete coursework at your own pace and schedule.

How to Choose the Best Online CNA Program?

Choosing the best online CNA program can be challenging, considering there are multiple options available. Here are some factors to consider when choosing an online CNA program:

  • The program’s accreditation and approval by the state board of nursing
  • The program’s length and cost
  • The quality of the program’s instructors and curriculum
  • The availability of clinical hours and externships
  • The program’s support services, such as career counseling and job placement assistance

What Are the Costs of Online CNA Classes?

The costs of online CNA classes vary depending on the program you choose and your location. On average, online CNA programs can cost between $400 to $1200, excluding additional costs such as textbooks, uniforms, and exam fees. However, some online CNA programs offer financial aid and scholarships to eligible students.


Online CNA classes no GED required offer a great opportunity for individuals who are interested in pursuing a career in healthcare but don’t hold a high school diploma or GED. However, it’s crucial to research the CNA requirements in your state to determine if you need any additional education to become a CNA. By choosing an accredited and reputable online CNA program, you can lay the foundation for a successful and rewarding career as a Certified Nursing Assistant.


1. Do I Need a GED to Take Online CNA Classes?

No, you do not need a GED to take online CNA classes. Most online CNA programs have minimum education requirements that may not necessarily include a high school diploma or equivalent such as a GED. However, you may still be required to provide proof of basic education or other credentials that demonstrate your capacity to complete the program successfully.

2. How long does it take to complete online CNA classes?

Online CNA classes can take anywhere from a few weeks to several months to complete depending on the program. Generally, online CNA programs are self-paced, so students can complete them at their own pace. However, most programs have a set deadline or time frame for completion.

3. How do I find an accredited online CNA program?

You can find accredited online CNA programs by researching your state’s board of nursing or by searching for accredited CNA programs on the Accreditation Commission for Education in Nursing (ACEN) website. Additionally, you can ask healthcare facilities or nursing homes in your area for recommendations on reputable online CNA programs.

4. What are the prerequisites for online CNA classes?

The prerequisites for online CNA classes may vary depending on the program. However, most online CNA programs require that students have basic education, be at least 18 years old, and have a clear criminal background check. Additionally, some programs may require that students have basic computer skills and access to a computer and the internet.

5. What are the job prospects for CNAs?

The job prospects for CNAs are generally good. According to the U.S. Bureau of Labor Statistics (BLS), employment of nursing assistants and orderlies is projected to grow 8 percent from 2019 to 2029, much faster than the average for all occupations. Additionally, the demand for CNAs is high in healthcare facilities like nursing homes and hospitals.

6. What is the cost of online CNA classes?

The cost of online CNA classes may vary depending on the program. Generally, online CNA programs are more affordable than traditional on-campus programs. The cost of online CNA programs usually ranges between $500 and $2,000, depending on the program’s length and included materials.

7. What does a CNA do?

A CNA, or certified nursing assistant, provides basic patient care, including bathing, grooming, and feeding patients. Additionally, CNAs take vital signs and assist with medical procedures. CNAs are often the primary caregivers for patients and provide a crucial link between patients and other healthcare professionals.

8. Are online CNA classes legitimate?

Yes, online CNA classes are legitimate. However, it is essential to ensure that the program is accredited by the appropriate accrediting agencies. Additionally, some states may not recognize online CNA programs from certain schools, so it is crucial to research the specific state requirements for certification to ensure that the program meets them.

9. What is the certification process for CNAs?

The certification process for CNAs usually involves completing a state-approved CNA training program. After completing the program, students must pass a state-administered exam to become certified. Some states may have additional requirements for certification, such as a criminal background check or additional training.

10. How long is CNA certification valid?

CNA certification is typically valid for two years. After two years, CNAs must renew their certification by completing continuing education credits and passing the state-administered exam. Additionally, some states may require additional training or proof of employment in the healthcare field to renew certification.

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