Top Online Classes for Surgical Tech

Online education has become a popular alternative to traditional classroom instruction in recent years. With the proliferation of technology, studying remotely is now becoming commonplace, even for healthcare professionals. Surgical techs, in particular, have begun to see the benefits of online classes, as they enable them to gain new knowledge and enhance their skills from the comfort of their own homes.

Online courses for surgical techs offer a full range of learning opportunities, such as video lectures, interactive simulations, and discussion forums where students can ask questions and share ideas. With these resources, surgical techs can obtain the tools and knowledge they need to excel in their work. Moreover, they can study at their own pace, which is especially valuable to those who have busy schedules or cannot afford to attend a conventional college or university. As a result, online classes for surgical techs are becoming increasingly popular, and are seen as a viable option for those who want to develop their careers.

Surgical tech online classes

Benefits of Online Classes for Surgical Tech

Online classes offer the convenience of studying at your own pace, reduced commuting time, and flexible schedules that cater to everyone.

Curriculum and Expectations for Online Classes in Surgical Tech

Online surgical tech programs cover subjects like anatomy, pharmacology, surgical procedures, and medical ethics, and students are expected to complete hands-on training at an approved clinic or hospital.


Surgical techs are crucial elements in any surgical team. They are responsible for preparing the operating theatre, ensuring that all surgical instruments are sterilized, and assisting the surgeons during the operation. As the demand for surgical tech increases, so are the opportunities for individuals interested in pursuing a career in this field. One way to get certified as a surgical tech is by taking online classes.

Benefits of Online Classes for Surgical Tech

Online classes offer a variety of benefits for students who want to become surgical techs. Some of these benefits include:

  • Flexible study schedule: Students can learn at their own pace, which allows them to balance their studies with work or other commitments.
  • Lower costs: Online classes often cost less than traditional classes, since students do not have to pay for expenses like transportation or classroom materials.
  • Accessibility: Students can access the course materials from anywhere with internet access.

Curriculum of Online Classes for Surgical Tech

The curriculum of online classes for surgical tech varies by program, but most cover the following topics:

  • Medical terminology, anatomy, and physiology
  • Surgical procedures and techniques
  • Infection control and sterilization procedures
  • Anesthesia administration and patient care
  • Operating room equipment and instrumentation
  • Professionalism and communication skills

Some programs may also include hands-on training, which allows students to practice their skills in a clinical setting.

Requirements for Online Classes for Surgical Tech

The requirements for online classes for surgical tech may vary by program, but students must generally meet the following criteria:

  • A high school diploma or GED
  • Basic computer skills and internet access
  • Good communication and organizational skills
  • The ability to manage time effectively

Additionally, some programs may require students to have a certain level of physical fitness and dexterity, as surgical techs need to be able to stand for long periods and have good hand-eye coordination.

Certification and Licensing

After completing an online class for surgical tech, graduates can take the certification exam offered by the National Board of Surgical Technology and Surgical Assisting (NBSTSA). This exam is necessary to become a certified surgical tech (CST) and work in most healthcare facilities. Some states also require licensing, which involves passing a state-specific exam or meeting other state requirements.


Online classes offer a convenient and affordable way for individuals to become certified surgical techs. With a flexible study schedule and accessible course materials, students can learn at their own pace and balance their studies with work or other commitments. The curriculum of online classes covers important topics related to surgical tech, including medical terminology, anatomy, and surgical procedures. After completing the necessary coursework and passing the certification exam, graduates can work in a variety of healthcare settings and contribute to a surgical team.


1. What are online classes for surgical tech?

Online classes for surgical tech are courses that are delivered through a virtual platform accessible via the internet. The courses are modeled to teach students all the technical and theoretical knowledge required to become a competent surgical technologist. The program involves online lectures, video presentations, simulations, and other materials that are designed to prepare students for a career in the surgical technology field.

2. How do I enroll in an online class for surgical tech?

Enrolling in online classes for surgical tech is pretty easy. You can start by selecting a reputable school offering online surgical technology courses and go through the admission process, which usually involves sending evidence of having a High School Diploma or equivalent and any other necessary documentation. Once accepted, you can proceed to make payment of tuition fees, after which you will receive confirmation to start your online classes.

3. What are the benefits of online classes for surgical tech?

Online classes for surgical tech have several benefits. Firstly, they offer students the flexibility to learn from any location at any time. Second, online classes are self-paced, which means students can determine their learning speed and adjust their study pace accordingly. Thirdly, students can save on transportation and housing costs as they do not have to physically attend classes. Lastly, online classes allow students to interact with other surgical tech professionals globally, providing a broader and more diverse perspective on coursework.

4. How much does it cost to enroll in an online class for surgical tech?

The cost of online classes for surgical tech varies from school to school. Additionally, tuition fees can vary depending on factors such as program length and location. Generally, tuition fees for online surgical tech courses range from $2,000 to $6,000. It is advisable to compare course fees from different schools before making a final payment decision. Also, financial aid options such as scholarships, grants, and student loans can be explored to help offset the cost of tuition.

5. How long does it take to complete an online surgical tech course?

The duration of an online surgical tech course can range from six months to two years, depending on the program’s structure and intensity. Generally, a standard online surgical tech course runs for about one year, and a professional program’s duration could extend for up to two years. However, some schools offer accelerated courses that students can complete in six months, depending on the student’s learning pace.

6. What topics will be covered in an online surgical tech course?

An online surgical tech course will cover several topics in the field of surgical technology: sterilization techniques, operating room procedures, medical terminology, anatomy and physiology, pharmacology, surgical technology theory, surgical assisting practices, surgical instrumentation and tools, microbiology, medical law and ethics, surgical emergencies, patient care techniques, pre-operative and post-operative care, and surgical diseases and conditions.

7. Can I obtain a surgical tech certification with an online course?

Yes, students can become certified surgical technologists by enrolling in online surgical tech courses. They must graduate from an accredited online surgical tech program to sit for the certification exam. Once the student passes the national certification exam, they are awarded a certified surgical technologist (CST) credential, which is recognized nationally.

8. Will my online surgical tech degree be valid?

Yes, an online degree in surgical technology is valid, provided it is from an accredited school that has received regional or national accreditation. Before enrolling in an online surgical tech program, you should ensure that the school is accredited by a recognized accrediting agency. Accreditation ensures that the academic quality of the program is adequate for producing competent graduates.

9. What kind of job can I get with an online surgical tech degree?

Graduates can work in several healthcare settings such as hospital operation rooms, outpatient care centers, clinics, and specialized surgery centers. As a certified surgical technologist, you will assist surgeons during surgical procedures, prepare the operating room and surgical instruments for procedures, and provide patient care before, during, and after surgery. The demand for surgical technologists continues to grow, and employment opportunities are widely available across states and health facilities.

10. Am I eligible to enroll in an online surgical tech course?

Generally, people with a high school diploma or equivalent can enroll in an online surgical tech program. However, certain schools may require that students have specific science courses or prerequisite coursework before enrolling in their online surgical tech program. It is essential to check the admission requirements for the specific program you wish to enroll in. Additionally, some online surgical tech schools require students to have access to specific technology, such as reliable internet connectivity, a computer, and broadband speed or video conferencing technology.

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