Discover Top Free Online Accounting Classes to Boost Your Skills

Are you interested in taking online accounting classes for free? Look no further! There are numerous online resources available that offer free accounting courses at your convenience. With technology advancing rapidly, it is now easier than ever to get an education on your own terms. All you need is an internet connection and a passion for learning.

One of the great things about online accounting classes is that they offer flexibility in scheduling and pacing. You can take the classes at your own speed, without having to worry about keeping up with others in a traditional classroom setting. Additionally, you can access the courses at any time of day, allowing you to fit learning into your busy schedule. Whether you are a student, a professional, or just interested in personal growth, these free courses can help enhance your understanding of accounting concepts and principles. So why not take advantage of this opportunity? The following article will outline some of the best resources available for free online accounting courses.

Online accounting classes free
Online accounting classes free


Online accounting classes free are becoming more popular, allowing people to learn accounting skills and knowledge at their own pace and without the cost of attending traditional classes.


The Benefits of Online Accounting Classes

Online accounting classes free offer flexibility with scheduling and can help individuals learn new skills to improve their careers or businesses without having to commit to traditional classroom settings.


The Top Free Online Accounting Classes Available

Many top universities, online education platforms and accounting associations offer free online courses and resources that cover various facets of accounting, including financial accounting, tax accounting, auditing, and more.


With the growth of online education, learning accounting has become much easier and accessible. There are numerous online accounting courses available that are either free of cost or nominal in terms of fees charged. In this article, we will discuss some free online accounting classes that can help you gain knowledge and skills in accounting.

1. Financial Accounting Made Fun: Eliminating Your Fears

This course is offered by Udemy and is designed to help students learn about financial accounting in a fun and engaging manner. The course is delivered through a series of videos and includes exercises, quizzes, and case studies to help students gain practical knowledge and skills. The course covers various topics such as balance sheets, profit and loss statements, financial ratios, and accounting principles. The course is free of cost, and students receive a certificate of completion upon finishing the course.

2. Principles of Accounting

This course is offered by MIT OpenCourseWare and is designed for beginners who want to learn accounting basics. The course covers various topics such as financial statements, transactions, accounts, and budgeting. The course is delivered through lecture notes, videos, and case studies. The course is free of cost, and students can access all the course materials online without any registration requirements.

3. is a platform that provides free accounting resources to students and professionals. The platform offers various resources such as articles, tutorials, and quizzes that cover topics such as bookkeeping, financial statements, and accounting principles. The platform also offers a free test that helps students evaluate their knowledge and skills in accounting. Students can also subscribe to the platform’s premium services to access additional resources.

4. Accounting for Managers

This course is offered by the University of California, Irvine through Coursera. The course is designed for individuals who want to learn about accounting from a managerial perspective. The course covers various topics such as financial statements, budgeting, cost behavior, and performance management. The course is delivered through videos, quizzes, and case studies. The course is free of cost, and students can access all the course materials online. However, students need to pay a fee if they want a certificate of completion.

5. Financial Accounting

This course is offered by Saylor Academy and is designed to help students learn accounting fundamentals. The course covers various topics such as accounting principles, financial statements, and transactions. The course is delivered through lectures, readings, and quizzes. The course is free of cost, and students can earn a certificate of completion upon finishing the course.


Online accounting courses provide students with an easy and accessible way to gain knowledge and skills in accounting. The courses mentioned above are all free of cost and can help students learn accounting basics as well as advanced accounting concepts. Students can choose the course that suits their needs and level of expertise. By taking advantage of these free online accounting classes, students can improve their knowledge and skills in accounting and enhance their career prospects.


Question 1

Are there truly online accounting classes that are absolutely free?


Yes, there are online accounting classes that are completely free. These classes can be found on various reputable websites such as edX, Coursera, and OpenCourseWare Consortium. These courses offer education, certification, or degrees in a field of accounting. It is important to specify what you would like to benefit from such courses, whether it be upgrading your skills for mainstream accounting, developing a basic knowledge of accounting or continuing your education for career development. Although most of these courses do offer certificates of completion, they do not offer formal academics nor credits.

Question 2

Are free online accounting classes well worth the time?


Online accounting classes are worth the time you put into them if your objective is learning and improving your skills. A free online class in accounting is an excellent way of picking up accounting skills without accruing a high cost. The knowledge and skills learned in an online accounting class can also be a valuable asset in your personal or professional career. It may lead to upgrading your CV or being hired for an accounting job. However, note that free courses do not offer formal academic credit and often do not cover the subject material in as much depth as paid courses or academic courses.

Question 3

What must I look out for before enrolling in an online accounting class?


There are a few important things to review before enrolling in an online accounting class. The first is the duration of the course, which might run either for free or be time-limited. Ensure that the subjects presented in the course are accurate and connected in some way to the learning objectives you wish to achieve. Check whether the course offers a recognized certificate or qualification to add to the knowledge or skillsets you already have. Finally, if you aim to invest money in paid courses, ensure that licensed educational institutions offer those courses, offering approved certifications or degrees for the amount of money.

Question 4

Are there any prerequisites for taking free online accounting classes?


Usually, there are no prerequisites for taking free online accounting classes; however, this depends on the type of accounting class you wish to take. Basic accounting courses may not require prior knowledge or background. However, advanced accounting courses will require a foundational knowledge of accounting. Most of the free online accounting classes offer introductory courses that will help you build your knowledge from scratch. If you are looking to earn a degree or certification qualification in accounting, you must ensure that you have the qualifications and prerequisites as specified by the issuing institution.

Question 5

How do I ensure the legitimacy of the online accounting classes I find online?


To be sure that the online accounting classes you find online are legitimate, consider the reputation of the organization or institution providing the classes. The study curriculum should also be well-structured, like an academic course, and the learning goals achievable. Do some independent research or read reviews or recommendations to ensure the offers information provided online is legitimate. The material in the courses is intended to be very similar to conventional accounting courses and should follow the underlying accounting principles and procedures. Avoid classes that claim to provide an extensive array of knowledge quickly. Legitimate sites usually provide realistic class schedules that extended professionally with taking credits for courses.

Question 6

What are the benefits of taking free online accounting courses?


A free online accounting course provides a variety of advantages to those eager to expand their accounting knowledge or acquire additional skills. It brings flexibility and ease to learning accounting. Free online accounting courses help individuals gain skills to benefit their careers or apply them to their personal lives to better manage finances. Free online accounting courses may also provide a basic understanding of accounting, including fundamental accounting ideas like debit, credit, balance sheet, income statement, etc. They may also provide insight into more complex accounting, like auditing, taxation, financial statement analysis, etc. Overall, taking a free online accounting course can enhance your fundamental accounting skills and become the backbone of your accounting knowledge base.

Question 7

Can I get certified with a free online accounting class?


Yes, you can get certified after completing a free online accounting class. These certifications, however, are different from formal degrees or academic credits. They demonstrate to organizations you’ve finished the program and have achieved a certain level of competency in accounting. Groundbreaking ways of learning, such as Massive Open Online Courses (MOOCs), offer certifications with online accounting courses such as Coursera, Udemy, edX and many others. These organizations provide an informal certificate of accomplishment upon completion of a course. Certificates can be used to demonstrate the level of qualification, experience, or skills. These certificates of completion will likely not be equivalent to enrolling in an Accounting degree program, but meeting the course demands can provide evidence to prove the knowledge acquired

Question 8

Are free online accounting courses more convenient than traditional accounting courses?


Free online accounting courses have a more adaptable schedule than traditional classroom classes. These courses are well-suited for learners who are unable to attend traditional classes due to time constraints, work-related commitments, or distance barriers. You can learn from anywhere and at your own pace with e-learning. Free online accounting classes offer you the chance to develop your skills in accounting over a set period without any pressure. They provide the advantage of being online, so you can access the learning materials anytime, from anywhere, and on any device. Traditional classroom courses typically only allow learners to participate during the training session. Free online courses right now offer flexibility.

Question 9

What types of devices do I need to take free online accounting courses?


You need a computer or portable device, typically with a high-speed internet connection, to attend a free online accounting course. These courses may require various multimedia material types, so a high-quality screen and a high-speed internet data plan are vital. Also, note that some courses might require specific software like spreadsheet, word processing, and presentation applications, to help complete course work, and practice accounting entries and calculations. If you lack these resources and tools, ensure you have access to them before starting a free online accounting course to enable you to complete the training accurately and without any issues.

Question 10

How long does it take to complete a free online accounting course?


The time required to complete a free online accounting course varies significantly depending on the course’s nature and the student’s pace and schedule. Free online courses typically last between 2 to 8 weeks, on average. Some programs may take longer than this, depending on the course content and the subject area. There is no set rule on the timeframe a course will run. One of the benefits of these online courses is the adaptability, so you can suit them around your work, personal, and lifestyle commitments. Undeniably, some courses require more time and focus as they have more comprehensive coverage of a topic, require more coursework or assignments, or more intense material. The bottom line is, you are in charge of finishing the course in a designated period, and you can learn at a speed that is convenient to your pace and schedule.

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