The Benefits of Taking OCC’s Online Classes

Are you looking for a way to advance your career or learn a new skill but have a busy schedule? Look no further than Oklahoma City Community College’s (OCCC) online classes. With over 1,000 courses available to choose from, taking classes online has never been easier. Not only do they offer the flexibility to complete coursework on your own time, but they are also affordable and taught by qualified instructors.

Whether you are a busy parent, working full-time, or simply prefer the convenience of online learning, OCCC has you covered. From business, healthcare, technology, and more, the online course offerings cover a wide range of subjects to fit your interests and career goals. Plus, with the option to complete a degree or certificate entirely online, you can reach your academic aspirations without ever stepping foot on a traditional campus.

The Convenience of OCCC Online Classes

OCCC’s online classes provide flexibility to students who need to balance other responsibilities.

The Variety of OCCC Online Classes

With over 50 programs offered fully online, OCCC caters to a wide range of educational interests and career goals.

The Support System of OCCC Online Classes

Online students at OCCC have access to resources such as tutoring, advising, and technical support to ensure their success.

Introduction to Online Classes at OCCC

Oklahoma City Community College (OCCC) offers numerous online classes as part of their course catalogue. The institution aims to provide the easiest and most convenient way for students to finish their education from any location. These online classes are an exceptional option for non-traditional students, working adults, and students who may not have the opportunity to take traditional, in-person classes. Enrolling in online classes at OCCC allows students to set their own pace for studying and create a schedule that fits their needs.

The Advantages of Online Classes

There are numerous advantages to online classes offered at OCCC. Firstly, classes are primarily self-paced, allowing students to complete the coursework at a speed that suits them. They can speed up or slow down their learning according to their preferences. Secondly, the school offers full-time access to essential academic tools such as eBooks, research tools, and reference materials in the digital library, giving students an efficient learning experience. Thirdly, online classes provide an opportunity for students to interact with a diverse set of students worldwide, learn from their varying perspectives, and gain exposure to various cultures.

The Challenges of Online Classes

Although an excellent option for many students, online classes can pose some challenges. Lack of proper time management can result in falling behind, and reduced interaction with instructors and students can lead to feelings of isolation, disengagement, and disconnection. Online students may struggle with technology, and issues such as internet connectivity and hardware problems could potentially interrupt their learning process. It’s essential that students adequately prepare themselves, and have the ability to work independently to overcome these challenges.

Online Class Format

The format of online classes at OCCC consists of high-quality instructional videos, interactive assessments, and regular communication with professors. Students have access to their syllabi, the course calendar, and assignment deadlines, all of which are available on the platform used for their courses. Online classes implement a wide range of digital tools such as web conferencing, discussion boards, live chats, and email to ensure that students have access to the appropriate learning resources.

How to Succeed in Online Classes

Success in online classes is achievable, but it requires adequate preparation. Successful online students must be competent in time management, technical proficiency, self-driven, and be able to work independently. Taking the necessary precautions and precautions before starting the class will help students to stay on track and attain the best results. It is also crucial to participate in online class discussions actively, to collaborate with other students, and reach out for help whenever needed.


OCCC online classes offer a convenient and flexible way to earn a degree or diploma. They provide an opportunity for students to learn essential skills through the best-suited learning methods that fit their abilities, while still receiving the same quality education as in-person classes. While online classes have their own set of challenges, OCCC offers several resources to assist students in finding success. With a robust online learning format and dedication, students can attain their educational goals and thrive in their career in the future.


Question 1: Are OCC online classes the same as traditional classes?

Yes and no. While online classes at OCC follow the same curriculum and learning objectives as traditional classes, they are designed to be delivered through a virtual environment. This means that students will interact with instructors and classmates through an online portal instead of in-person. However, online classes still have the same expectations for students in terms of completing assignments, participating in discussions and group projects, and taking exams.

Question 2: Can I take OCC online classes if I live outside of the United States?

Yes, as long as you have access to a reliable internet connection. However, international students may need to consider additional requirements such as visas and English proficiency exams.

Question 3: How much time should I expect to spend on an OCC online class?

Just like traditional classes, the time commitment for online classes will vary depending on the course load. However, it is common for students to spend 6-9 hours per week on online coursework. It is important to stay on top of assignments and participate in online discussions regularly.

Question 4: Do I need to be tech-savvy to take OCC online classes?

Not necessarily. As long as you have access to a computer and a reliable internet connection, you should be able to navigate the online portal for your class. However, some technical skills such as downloading and uploading files, participating in video conferences, and troubleshooting issues may be helpful.

Question 5: Will I have access to the same resources as traditional students?

Yes, online students at OCC have access to the same resources as traditional students including the library, tutoring services, and counseling services. These resources may be accessed through the online portal.

Question 6: How are exams administered in OCC online classes?

Exams for online classes are administered through the online portal. Each instructor may have their own method of administering exams, but typically exams are timed and students are required to submit their answers online before the due date.

Question 7: Can I interact with my classmates in OCC online classes?

Yes, online classes have discussion boards and group projects that allow for interaction with classmates. It is important to actively participate in these discussions in order to enhance your learning experience and connect with other students.

Question 8: Can I transfer credits earned through OCC online classes to another college?

It depends on the transfer policies of the college you wish to transfer your credits to. It is always best to consult with the admissions or transfer office at the school you wish to transfer to in order to determine their policies on transferring credits earned through online classes.

Question 9: How do I register for OCC online classes?

Registration for online classes at OCC is the same as for traditional classes. Students can register online through their student portal or in-person at the admissions office. In addition, it is recommended to speak with an academic advisor to ensure that online classes align with your educational goals.

Question 10: How can I stay motivated in OCC online classes?

It is important to set weekly goals for yourself and prioritize your coursework. Create a schedule and allocate time each day to complete coursework and participate in online discussions. Connect with your instructor and classmates regularly to ask questions and stay engaged in the coursework. Finally, remember that online classes can offer flexibility but also require self-discipline and time management skills.

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