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Bed porch swing – After a hard day’s work, is a great stress buster simply kicks your feet up on your porch swing bed. Sip your favorite drink and enjoy the view. Not all homes are equipped with a porch swing. But you can build your own, and every time you are at it. You will enjoy it more knowing you built it. Cut the six pieces of wood from two and four are 19 1/4 inches long, using a table saw. This is support for the swing.

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Couples supports, then bolt them together with two 3/8-inch screws and nuts in pairs to form the three major supports of the bed porch swing. Chainsaws can leave jagged edges that can cause injury and are ugly. Therefore, use a power sander to smooth pieces of wood cut with a saw. Then, build 19 or 20 slats from the two and four. Using the table saw, making them 3/4 inch thick and 57 inches long. Use a sander to smooth out the areas that exposed to the table saw.

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Bed porch swing, place the three supports on the floor. And also attach the first slat top of the service and the other slat to the bottom of supports, by 1 1/2 inch construction screws and screwdriver. Check that the distance between each slat is unified by placing a 1/8-inch to 1/4-inch-thick scrap piece of wood between each slat before screwing the next one on the spot. Continue to attach all the slats.

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