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Landscape metal edging is a synthetic replacement for true stone edging. This type of edging gives all the benefits of actual stones free of charge that arise from breaking the stone and delivered to your home. The stone can be driven from concrete or a light sand and organics mixture like hyper tufa. Installing throwing stone edging is a similar process to install most other landscape metal edging in a garden.

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Lay out your garden bed perimeter using stakes and strings. The string will act as a guide to digging the perimeter edging dike around the bed. Repeat this process at a point 6 inches longer than the perimeter of your bed. Lead soil from the two points to create a ditch that is 6 inches deep around your garden bed.

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Cut all roots from the bottom of the ditch with branch boundaries to make the ditch uniform and smooth. Cut and bend the metal garden trim to the right size for the ditch with tin snips. Landscape metal edging comes in 20-foot sections and can be tied together. Place this metal rim up against the outer edge of the ditch and hammer it with metal border stakes.

Place a layer of landscape architecture fabric in the ditch behind the edge. Edging and landscaping the cloth will prevent grass from crawling into the garden bed.  Fill the ditch below the field with sand to lift them to the top of the ground line as well as landscape metal edging. Keep the earth around the field so that they at least halfway buried in the ground for a more natural look.

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