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Cedar Porch Columns Style

Cedar porch columns – Columns adds so much to a house. Can you imagine what the white house would look without majestic columns? Columns are not ideal for all styles of homes. Pick the right style for the right home does not add to the eye appeal, but value as well. Porch columns consist of three parts: the base, shaft and capital. Besides deciding on a style, you need to select the material columns are made of – brick, wood or fiberglass. Brick porch columns are the exception to the three-part rule. They are at the bungalow-style house, in the corner of a porch. They must maintained because, as with any masonry. And they must pointed out and the cement replaced. But they are an important factor in keeping the house authentic.

Wood is the traditional material for porch columns. But they do suffer damage over time, are very heavy and must replace. Fiberglass is a material that many homeowners use to replace the old cedar porch columns. It is lighter, easy to maintain and stronger than cedar, aluminum and even marble.

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New Cedar Porch ColumnsSize: 1936 x 1288

Best Cedar Porch ColumnsSize: 1500 x 1000

Function cedar porch columns. Porch columns serve two purposes. They are part of the structure of the house, holding up the roof of the porch, and the porch and, in some embodiments, a second-floor balcony as well. They also add a decorative function.

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