Keep Dwarf Trees For Landscaping

Dwarf trees for landscaping – Having a house with a garden, with trees, plants and flowers, is dream of most people. Problem is that also a majority has to settle for a terrace. Good thing about having it is we can have plants, flowers and at same time it requires less maintenance. But what we will never have on a terrace are fruit trees … or not? Well, as it seems, we can also have trees on our terrace and also give us fruit.

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How? Very simple. In market, we have long been able to buy dwarf trees for landscaping fruits, with which we can create a terrace with everything we want. Dwarf trees occupy little space, but they give large and tasty fruits like larger fruit trees. As far as planting, mixing of 50% of garden soil and 50% of blonde peat of universal substrate is ideal. If we talk about irrigation, we must keep soil moist without encharcarla.

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Pests affect them like their elders, so we have to protect them. Pruning must be periodic during year. These stimulate their growth. Payment must be made in spring and must be long-lasting. It is advisable to transplant every 2 years. Situation in garden will be in areas of light and heat. For plantations, clay pots are best, since they need to be large and deep. One of curiosities of these dwarf trees for landscaping is that, in proportion, they produce more fruit than big ones.

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