Ideal Modern Screened Porch

Jul 3rd
Modern Screened Porch
Modern Screened Porch

Modern screened porch – The porch is a construction outside the walls of the main building. The word comes from the old French porch porches. The main purpose of a porch is to have enough space in front of the house where you can get a comfortable break before entering the house. There are many types of designs and decoration of porches. You can see some in this article. Some are open and barely cover with ceiling, others may be close with windows or plastic covers.

Then we start our book of ideas on parking lots and modern screened porch, with this design. In which they emphasize their strong circular columns in cement white polish. Then space for two cars, which enter the garage for the two roads cover with granite in order not to spoil the grass. We see that the design of the porch for the car has a red tile. Which is complemented by the brick entrance wall to the house.

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Then an ideal modern screened porch for a modern house. Inspired by the colonial style every home, with some exceptions. Should have this kind of space. It is perfect for rainy days when you are outside. And enjoy the fresh and humid air. Or if you really want to get out your house, but do not go far.

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