How Long are Walden University Online Classes?

Walden University is one of the most respected online universities in the United States of America. It is well-known for offering quality education to students worldwide, regardless of their location. The university has designed its programs with working professionals in mind, which means that students can enroll in classes that allow them enough time for their personal and professional commitments. One of the most common questions that potential students ask is how long are Walden University online classes? The answer is simple- Walden University classes have different durations depending on the program and level of education.

For instance, bachelor’s degree programs have courses that run for 10 weeks with an exception of some classes that may last six or eight weeks. On the other hand, master’s degree classes run for 11 weeks. Doctoral degree courses run for 8-12 weeks each semester for three academic years. The university offers a flexible schedule that allows students to take a few classes in each session or throughout the year to complete their programs. The benefit of such flexibility is that students can set their own pace and progress competently towards earning their degree.

How Long Are Walden University Online Classes?

Walden University online classes vary in length depending on the program and degree level.

Typical Length of Walden University Online Classes

Most Walden University online classes are 11 weeks long, with some exceptions for shorter or longer courses.

How Long Are Walden University Online Classes?

Walden University is a well-known online university that offers degree programs in various fields. Through its online platform, students from across the world can take courses and complete their degrees all while balancing other commitments. Many students, especially those who have significant responsibilities outside of their academics, prefer this method of learning because of the flexibility it offers to them. While Walden University’s classes are designed to be flexible, there are still some time constraints that students should be aware of.

The Length of Walden University’s Courses

Walden University’s courses have specific timelines. Each course at Walden University is typically 11 weeks long. This duration applies to undergraduate as well as graduate courses. This structure is different from other online institutions where courses run for weeks or months at a time. Students who enroll in Walden University’s programs are required to respect the timelines for each class; this includes completing coursework and assignments within the specified duration of each course.

Flexibility of Walden University’s Online Classes

Walden University online classes run asynchronously, meaning that students can access course material at any time. This is a significant advantage for adult learners who have commitments outside of their learning; it allows them to work at their own pace, complete coursework at their convenience, and accommodate their busy schedules. Walden University’s online platform ensures that learners can log in and access course information at any time of the day or night. The university has an online portal where students can find information on their program, access course materials, and get in touch with their professors and other learners. Though the duration of each course is fixed, the flexibility of the program enables students to pace themselves as they see fit. In some cases, the program can be completed in less time than 11 weeks depending on how each student manages their workload.


Walden University online classes are a popular option for students since they offer flexibility in both time and location. Although each course has a specific duration of 11 weeks, the program is designed to accommodate busy schedules and can be completed in less time if the student dedicates themselves and works quickly. The flexibility of the program allows students to access course materials at any time of day or night while still adhering to strict timelines for each course. Walden University is a great choice for students looking for a flexible online degree program without sacrificing the rigor and quality of education.


1. How long are Walden University online classes?

Walden University online courses vary in duration, depending on the program and level of degree. Typically, online courses run for 11 weeks, with most programs requiring 12-13 courses for completion. Walden also provides degree options with various lengths of study, such as accelerated programs that can be completed in as little as 12 months and traditional programs that can take up to 36 months to complete.

2. Can I take Walden University classes at my own pace?

Yes, Walden University courses are designed to be flexible and allow students to work at their own pace based on their schedules. However, to maintain academic rigor and ensure mastery of the course material, weekly assignments, readings, and assessments are still required within set deadlines.

3. Are there set times for live online classes or virtual lectures?

Most Walden University online courses do not have scheduled live online classes or virtual lectures. Instead, the course content is typically delivered through pre-recorded lectures, course materials, and discussion forums. Professors may also hold virtual office hours or group discussions via online meeting tools like Zoom or BlueJeans, but these are typically optional and not required.

4. Are online classes at Walden University self-paced?

While Walden University courses are designed to allow flexibility in scheduling, they are not truly self-paced. Each course contains set deadlines for assignments, forum postings, and assessments to ensure full engagement and mastery of the course material. However, students have the flexibility to work ahead on assignments and finish coursework earlier than the set deadlines.

5. How much time do I need to devote to online classes at Walden University?

The time required for Walden University online classes varies depending on the program, course, and individual student. Generally, students are expected to devote between 15-20 hours per week per course. This includes time for reviewing lectures, reading assignments, participating in discussion forums, and completing assignments and assessments.

6. Can I access course materials and lectures at any time?

Yes, all course materials and lectures are accessible to students at any time. This provides maximum flexibility in scheduling and allows students to view course content based on their availability.

7. Can I take breaks between online classes at Walden University?

Yes, Walden University offers students the ability to take a break between courses if needed. However, prior to starting the next course, students need to complete all previous assignments and assessments and maintain satisfactory academic progress to avoid any delays in graduation.

8. Do online classes at Walden University have set start and end dates?

Yes, Walden University online courses have set start and end dates along with the deadlines for assignments. The schedule is provided to students prior to the start of each term, allowing them to plan accordingly. However, the university offers multiple start dates throughout the year, providing flexibility in scheduling and allowing students to start classes at their convenience.

9. Are Walden University classes difficult?

Like any form of education, Walden University classes can be challenging. However, with proper time management and dedication to course material, students can successfully complete their classes. Support is available through online resources, student services, and course professors to help students with any challenges they may face.

10. Can I interact with professors and other students during online classes at Walden University?

Yes, students can interact with professors and other students through discussion forums, email, and virtual office hours. These interactions help students connect with peers, receive feedback, and engage with course material. Professors are also available for one-on-one consultations and support when needed.

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