History Of Old Metal Porch Glider

Apr 26th
White Metal Porch Glider
White Metal Porch Glider

Metal porch glider – A large number of vintage porch metal gliders we manufacture by the JR Bunting Glider Company of Philadelphia. Mr.Bunting started his business in 1827 as a mattress manufacturer and manufacture of cabinets. The cushioned metal porch gliders of the era were made them. This is the vintage metal porch glider that features steel frames that require date cushions. These dates go back to 1920. To identify any of these pieces just look at the bottom of the iron angle or the bottom of the seat.

Popularity Metal Porch Glider

After popularity began to take off also added on the vintage metal porch glider with trimmed motifs as exemplified below. Even though the Bunting Glider company has been out of business for decades there is still love for these American made pieces.

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They have been beautifully maintained after almost 100 years and are wonderful durable parts to have. They are also very popular as they do not require much maintenance and. Each year these pieces are increasingly extinguished and it is a wonderful discovery to acquire one in a solid.

A large part of the vintage metal porch glider was manufactured by the Alabama Stove Company. Though they were not in the business a long time., The Alabama Stove company continues to successfully produce hundreds of vintage metal outdoor porch gliders for the public. They also produced numerous motifs and accessories pieces. Most of the pieces had a round tag handle on the back of the gliders and underneath the chairs.

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