Hardscape Landscaping A Hill

Hardscape landscaping is a great way to keep a grassy litter washed away, and add beauty to your slope at the same time. Many farms have hills. It takes some hard work, but you can make these hills interesting. You need large natural stones, slate slopes, and fill the dirt for all natural features. Or you can use formed interlocking stones for walls and cement man made springboards to create a different look. It’s called hardscape landscaping you use hard objects like stones, statues and railroad slips.

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Get large, natural stones to create a natural hardscape landscaping. Have your nearest quarry or stone company to deliver and place them for you. They are too heavy for you to handle. Let them put on the slope behind or in front of your home randomly in stains.

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Dig some steps into the slope ground. Cut out the steps in the ground that will climb up and down and around the rocks. When you have them all chopped out, put a natural flat slate stone for the stairway steps. Make ladders of other parts of flat slate stone. Use long slices of slate and jamb each end of the stairway steps and step pieces in the dirt to the right and left of each cut out of “step”. This locks slate pieces in place. Then you have all the natural steps around the big rocks.

Fill in behind some placed stones with fillings in the dirt to create a flower bed behind the rocks. The back slopes upwards, so that the back becomes the back itself. You can do this in several places and put subtle discounts all over the hill within hardscape landscaping.

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