Great Decoration With Nautical Porch Lights

May 18th
Nautical Porch Lights Vintage
Nautical Porch Lights Vintage

Nautical Porch Lights – Old homes that use larger knob and wiring tube or positive neutral wiring do not use earthen systems. Before changing a lamp on your porch or install a new lamp without using soil, check local building codes to determine if allowed completing the task. In some cases, you can replace an existing accessory but you cannot install a new lamp without grounding it. Close the electrical circuit wiring runs to the nautical porch lights via the switch panel or fuse box.

Remove the cover and light bulb from the current light fixture and place it to the side. Release the screws that secure the accessory nautical porch lights to the porch with a screwdriver and pull the lamp off the wall. Remove the nuts from the cables that hold the four cables and pull the cables apart. You can have a black wire and a white wire or two black wires that protrude from the wall. Hold the black and white wire of the new lamp with the cables that extend from the wall.

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If the wires of the walls are encoded by black and white. Color matches the wires to the nautical porch lights. If the cables come from the black sockets, connect a black and a white cable. Attach a wire nut over each connecting wire and cover the cable nut with electrical tape. Wrap a cable nut over the end of the green wires extending from the new appliance.

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