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Gravel landscaping ideas – For an efficient garden in the water, use gravel instead of cement for rough features such as walkways and patios. Rainwater will soak through the gravel, dampening the soil to benefit the surrounding vegetation. Rainwater can also seep into the water table to replenish the wells. Gravel does not burn as humus can. So it is a good choice for landscapes locate near wooded areas prone to fire.

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Use gravel landscaping ideas to create a seating area for a single chair, just like in the garden path, or create a large patio for a table and four or more chairs. Dig about 6 inches to create a patio base in any desired shape, such as round or square. Place protective fabric to block the growth of weeds and then fill the dugout area with gravel.

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Cut a walkway into the ground about 36 inches wide and 3 inches deep. Secure garden cloth strips and then fill the walkway with gravel landscaping ideas. Place bricks or large stones along the edge, if desired. Instead of a gravelly aisle, steps can be placed at a comfortable step by step apart. Fill the area between the steps with gravel. Stretch a narrow strip of cloth from the landscape around the perimeter of a flowerbed and cover the fabric with gravel. Light-colored gravel will make the border stand out. The border will provide a barrier between the lawn and the flower bed.How to install gravel landscaping,

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