Do It Your Self: Front Porch Hanging Light Lantern

Mar 22nd
Traditional Front Porch Hanging Light
Traditional Front Porch Hanging Light

Front porch hanging light – Starting with face circuit breaker and turn off the porch. Remove the old light from the porch. Keeping the light with one hand, so it does not fall. When it is loose, fixes the drill and twisted wires that connect it to the house. The old light aside. Hook lantern into the end of the chain. The chain is attach to the base plate that will screwed into the ceiling of the veranda. Keep the base up to the ceiling where it will be attached and looks at which the lamp hangs.

If you want a better idea of ​​front porch hanging light location, has another hold it while you stay on the ground and look at it. For it to be shorter, taking some of the links at the end, hooks on the lamp. You need some pliers to pry them apart. Unhook the lantern from the chain. Expandable cords at the bottom that attaches to the ceiling. Connect these wires to the house wiring in the ceiling. Twist the wires together and make sure to attach the colored wires. White goes with white and black goes with black. Ground wires may be either plain or green copper plate.

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Wrap electrical tape around the winding connections and then screw on wire nuts. Push the wires in the roof opening and place the base over the hole. Screw the 3-inch wood screws to hold it in place. Open the top of the headlight where the wires for the lamp are place. Push the wires that are woven down through the chain into the gap at the top so that it can meet with the lantern wires. Again connect the wires of front porch hanging light together. In some cases, the headlight wiring is already for you.

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