How To Dig Up Landscape Edgers

How To Dig Up Landscape Edgers – When you want to redesign a landscape area, one of the first tasks can unearth edgers that currently surround the area. While some edgers simply sit on the ground and others remain in place with long stakes running on the ground beneath the Edger. After removing the edgers, you’ll be ready to make the changes you want in the landscape.

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Place a wheelbarrow near the work area to pick up landscape edgers as they are removed from the landscape. Place a garden hoe on the inside edge of the edger (within the landscape area) with the teeth directed underneath the edger. Push the shovel into the ground to loosen the ground under the edger. This should loosen the engagement that keeps the trimmer in place. Repeat this process on each edger to loosen each.

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Pick up landscape edgers with both hands and loose work. Because the earth has already loosened, the stake leaves the earth without much resistance. Pull the edger and play off the ground and then place the edger and the set in the truck. Repeat the same process to unearth each edger and stake from the ground.

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