The Benefits of Devry Online Classes

Enrolling in a traditional university program can be challenging if someone has a tight schedule or wants to pursue an advanced degree while working full-time. For those who fall in this category, DeVry University’s online classes could be an excellent solution. The university has established itself as a leading institution in providing flexible, relevant and useful online programs that cater to students who aspire to improve their skills and knowledge while balancing their other responsibilities.

DeVry online classes foster an interactive and collaborative learning experience that helps students develop real-world perspectives and skills. Through their online learning platform, students can engage with their professors and peers in real-time, participate in discussions, and work on projects and assignments individually or in groups. Additionally, the university offers comprehensive support services to online students, including career counseling, academic advising, and study resources, which enable them to achieve their academic and professional goals.

DeVry University
DeVry University

What Are DeVry Online Classes?

DeVry Online Classes are web-based instruction courses intended to provide students with the means to acquire new knowledge and ultimately earn a degree.

Benefits of DeVry Online Classes

Benefits of DeVry Online Classes include the convenience of remote learning, access to flexible schedules, and interactive online classrooms.

What to Expect from DeVry Online Classes

Students can expect top-notch faculty and resources designed to accommodate their learning styles, as well as a dedicated academic advisor to support them throughout their program.


DeVry University offers online classes for students who are interested in pursuing a degree but cannot attend classes in-person. Online classes offer flexibility and convenience for students who may have work or family commitments that prevent them from attending traditional classes. DeVry University’s online classes are designed to meet the same learning outcomes as traditional classes, but with the added benefit of being able to complete coursework on your own schedule.

Online Learning Environment

DeVry’s online learning environment is designed to be user-friendly and intuitive. Professors use a variety of tools to engage with students, including live video lectures, chat rooms and discussion boards. The online resources include video tutorials, podcasts, and webinars. This ensures that students have access to the same quality of resources as they would in a traditional classroom. Professors are also available for one-on-one consultations via phone, email, or video conferencing.

One of the most attractive features of online courses is the ability to complete coursework at your own pace. Online courses may have weekly deadlines, but students are free to structure their time around their schedule. This is particularly valuable for students who may need to balance work or family responsibilities with their academic goals.

Course Offerings

DeVry’s online courses cover a variety of disciplines, including business, healthcare, and technology. The online program offers associate, bachelor’s, and master’s programs in these areas. Online courses have the same learning outcomes as traditional on-campus courses, and the same assessment criteria are used to grade both types of classes.

One of the advantages of DeVry’s online program is that it allows students to access courses that are not offered on-campus. For example, DeVry’s online program offers specialized courses in cloud computing and cybersecurity that may not be available on-campus in some locations.

Student Support

DeVry University offers a range of support services to ensure that online students have access to the resources they need to succeed. The online learning management system provides access to online tutoring, academic coaching, and writing support. There is also a library service that provides access to e-books and online journals. Additionally, the school has dedicated online advisors who work with students to develop a personalized academic plan and provide guidance on course selection and degree planning.

DeVry also prioritizes building a sense of community among its online students. The school hosts virtual events such as online social hours and study groups, which allow students to connect with peers and make connections that may prove valuable in their careers. Additionally, online programs have alumni networks that offer career support, networking opportunities, and job search advice.

Accreditation and Degree Value

DeVry University is accredited by The Higher Learning Commission. This accreditation means that DeVry’s programs meet certain quality standards and are recognized by other educational institutions, employers, and professional associations. Employers are confident that DeVry graduates have the skills and knowledge necessary to succeed in their field.

Attending a DeVry online program can be a valuable investment in your future. Graduates have access to DeVry’s vast alumni network, which can provide valuable networking opportunities and career connections. Graduates of DeVry’s online program have gone on to work for organizations such as IBM, Accenture, and Cisco Systems.


DeVry University’s online program offers students flexibility, convenience, and access to high-quality resources. The online program has the same learning outcomes as traditional on-campus classes, and graduates receive an accredited degree that is recognized by employers and professional associations. DeVry’s online program prioritizes building a sense of community and offers a range of support services to ensure that students have the resources they need to succeed.


Question 1: Are Devry online classes can be taken from anywhere?

Yes, Devry online classes can be taken from anywhere at any time as long as you have an internet connection. That is one of the advantages of online classes. Devry provides online courses that are accessible from anywhere in the world. You can access the courses from your home, office, or any other place where you have an internet connection. This enables you to continue with your education without having to worry about commuting or travelling to a physical location.

Question 2: How long does it take to complete an online degree program at Devry?

The duration of an online degree program at Devry depends on the program and the number of credit hours required. Typically, an online degree program takes two to four years to complete. However, you can complete some degree programs in less than two years. Devry offers accelerated programs that are designed to help you complete your degree faster. The duration of the program also depends on your schedule and how many courses you can take per semester.

Question 3: Can I transfer credits from another institution to Devry?

Yes, Devry accepts transfer credits from other accredited institutions. You can transfer up to 80 credit hours from a community college and up to 90 credit hours from a four-year college or university. However, you need to meet Devry’s transfer credit policies and requirements. You need to provide official transcripts from your previous institutions and complete a transfer credit evaluation form. You should consult with an admissions representative to determine how much credit you can transfer.

Question 4: What kind of support is available for online students at Devry?

Devry provides a range of support services for its online students. Online learners have access to academic advisors, who can assist them with course selection, degree planning, and other academic matters. Devry also offers online tutoring services and a writing center to help you improve your writing skills. You will have access to a 24/7 technical support team that can help you with any technical issues you may encounter. Devry online students can also interact with fellow students and instructors through discussion forums, chat rooms, and emails.

Question 5: How are online classes conducted at Devry?

Online classes at Devry are conducted asynchronously, which means you can access the course materials at any time and pace that is convenient for you. Lectures are pre-recorded and posted online, and you can watch them whenever you have time. Course readings, assignments, and exams are also provided online. You can interact with your instructor and fellow students through discussion forums, chat rooms, and emails. Devry also uses an online learning management system that helps you manage your course materials and track your progress.

Question 6: What are the admission requirements for online degree programs at Devry?

The admission requirements depend on the program you are applying for. Typically, you need to have a high school diploma or equivalent and meet specific program requirements. For undergraduate programs, you may need to submit SAT or ACT scores, official transcripts from high school and any college or university attended, and a personal essay. For graduate programs, you may need to submit GRE or GMAT scores, a statement of purpose, and letters of recommendation. You should consult with an admissions representative for the specific admission requirements for the program you are interested in.

Question 7: What types of degree programs are available at Devry?

Devry offers a wide range of degree programs at the undergraduate and graduate levels. The undergraduate degree programs include business administration, computer information systems, healthcare administration, and engineering technology, among others. The graduate degree programs include business administration, accounting, information systems management, and project management, among others. Devry also offers career-focused certificate programs in areas such as accounting, marketing, and web development.

Question 8: How much does it cost to attend an online degree program at Devry?

The cost of attending an online degree program at Devry depends on a variety of factors, such as the program and the number of credit hours required. However, Devry offers several forms of financial aid to help you pay for your education. This includes federal financial aid, scholarships, and grants. You can also apply for private student loans if you need additional funding. You should consult with a financial aid advisor to determine your eligibility for financial aid and explore all your options.

Question 9: Can I participate in campus events and activities as an online student at Devry?

Yes, Devry encourages online students to participate in campus events and activities. Devry has online clubs and organizations that you can participate in. You can also attend campus events and activities by visiting a Devry campus near you. Devry has campuses in several locations throughout the United States. Attending campus events and activities is a great way to stay connected to your peers and network with professionals in your field of study.

Question 10: Will my online degree be recognized by employers?

Yes, online degrees from Devry are recognized by employers. Employers are increasingly recognizing the value of online degrees as they become more common. Devry is accredited by the Higher Learning Commission, which is a recognized accrediting agency in the United States. Employers understand the rigor and quality of online degree programs and often view them as equivalent to traditional degree programs. However, it is important to note that not all online programs are created equal. It is essential to choose an accredited program like Devry to ensure that your degree is recognized and valued by employers.

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