Decorative Landscape Curbing Ideas

Decorative Landscape Curbing Ideas – It’s popular in some parts of the country, but not others. It’s most popular in the west. For those of you who haven’t seen it, it’s a concrete border that goes along your flower beds. Curbing is something that people either love or hate. It has a useful purpose to keep grass from growing in the flower beds. People that like curbing are usually perfectionist in nature. They like everything to look like it goes where it’s suppose to go. Curbing gives you a definite line and that makes some people feel more comfortable. Other people like their landscaping to have more variety. They don’t necessarily want to always see a straight line. They might like the more natural look where things are softer and less well laid out. It depends on your personality.

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Dark landscape curbing colors are always best. Standard gray is the least attractive. The curbing should blend in with the surroundings. It shouldn’t be a focal point of the yard. Chocolate browns and burnt reds are a good choice. As far as stamping goes it doesn’t matter much either way. Why? The curbing isn’t the focus of your yard anyway. If you like a particular stamp, it doesn’t hurt to get it done.

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Nowadays slant style landscape curbing is the most popular. In the past, mower style was the only way to get curbing. There is also a block style. Slant style is easier to use with your mower than mower style. For this reason, don’t bother with mower style. In addition, slant style looks better. That’s why the industry has shifted towards almost exclusively doing slant style. Block style is like a concrete curb. It’s best when you have a need to have a straight edge. This style isn’t used very much, but works great in the right situation.

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