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Dry riverbed landscape – A dry river bed adds texture and a focal point for the landscape. It can control and control excess water flow during heavy rains when placed near dirt pipes or in low-lying areas. The bed also prevents erosion and creates a place to display plants. A dry river bed fits into many landscapes and interior styles. The hard cape feature is an investment that can last this year with minimal maintenance.

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Create dry riverbed landscape ideas, select the location of the bed and mark the contours with a non-toxic spray paint. Make the bed about 3 feet wide with some variations in width. The river bed should curve in different directions without straight lines. Then remove all vegetation within the markings.  Cut dirt on the sides on a soft slope with a shovel. Finishing pages can cover weed barrier you will put down with rock and look more naturally.

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Roll the landscape fabric or weed barrier along the bed. Place stone blocks of different sizes randomly throughout the dry river. The pebbles break up the uniformity of the River Rock and pea and height. Spread a layer of a mixture of peas, pebbles and river rock to a depth of about 3 inches. Install native plants, such as grass and ferns, along the edges of the dry riverbed landscape. Space the plants strategically on the beach in clusters to mimic nature. The roots of plants will help prevent erosion. Plant a small tree, such as a river birch, bush or group of plants on the island.

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