Build A Log Porch Swing

Jun 29th
Wood Log Porch Swing
Wood Log Porch Swing

Log porch swing – To begin, use your pencil to mark out 3 separate sections. The first measures 60 inches by 20 inches (section 1) and the second will measure 60 inches by 25 inches (section 2). This will leave 60 inches by 5 inches section (section 3) at the end of timber sheet. Once you have cut the wood. Use sandpaper to smooth all the edges and remove any splinters. Take section 1 and place it against section 2. So that the two 60inch lengths are aligned as if they had not been cut. Use the pencil to sketch out the two lengths of dovetail joints which will appear castellated when complete.

Once happy, you must cut the two dovetail sections and place the two sections together to ensure that they fit. You now have a bench frame. Section 3 can cut down the middle of its width, producing two 2 1/2 inch by 60 inch pieces. Now, cut one of these into two 2 inches by 21 inch pieces, discarding the excess. These are your arms log porch swing. To attach the arms, hold the base of the arm against the back of the bench and drill a screw in from behind.

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You must cut the other 2inch piece to the appropriate length depending on how high you placed the arms. These can now attached with out-of-view screws for an aesthetically pleasing bench. Attaching the chains with measure 60 inches on the underside of your porch roof and attach the two metal loopholes. Now, attach metal loopholes to the two edges of the back of the swing and to the point of the arms. And the log porch swing was complete now.

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