The Top Online Real Estate Classes in North Carolina

Are you looking to start a career in real estate in North Carolina? Or perhaps you’re an experienced agent who wants to upskill and stay on top of industry changes? Whatever your situation, taking online real estate classes in NC could be your next step towards success. Not only are these courses convenient and flexible, but they also offer a wealth of knowledge that can help you achieve your goals.

One of the best things about online real estate classes in NC is that they’re accessible from anywhere with an internet connection. This means you can learn at your own pace and fit your studies around other commitments, such as work or family. Plus, you’ll have access to a range of resources and tools that can help you prepare for a career in real estate, such as practice exams, interactive quizzes, and virtual tours of properties. With so much support at your fingertips, you’ll be well-equipped to take on the challenges of the industry with confidence.

So, which online real estate classes in NC should you choose? In this article, we’ll explore some of the best options available, and highlight the features that make them stand out. Whether you’re interested in pre-licensing courses, continuing education, or a specific area of real estate, there’s something for everyone. So read on to discover how online learning can help you achieve your real estate ambitions.

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The Benefits of Taking Online Real Estate Classes in North Carolina

Online real estate classes in North Carolina offer flexibility and convenience to those looking to obtain or renew a real estate license in the state.

The 5 Best Online Real Estate Classes in North Carolina

From Real Estate Express to Kaplan Real Estate Education, we have compiled a list of the top 5 online real estate classes in North Carolina based on factors such as course offerings, pricing, and student reviews.

Best Online Real Estate Classes NC

Are you thinking of starting a career in the real estate industry in North Carolina? Whether you are interested in becoming a real estate agent or broker, obtaining a license often requires taking a required number of education courses. With the advent of online learning, it has never been easier to complete these courses. In this article, we will look at the best online real estate classes that you can take in North Carolina.

The CE Shop

The CE Shop is a recognized and popular online platform that offers different courses, including Real Estate Pre-Licensing and Post-Licensing courses in North Carolina. You can access all their lessons online, which are presented in video format, with full-time tutor support. The courses are designed to encourage student engagement with interactive assessment quizzes and assignments. They have impressive reviews from students regarding the ease of use, affordability, and quality of materials.

Kaplan Real Estate Education

When it comes to getting a license or continuing education courses online, Kaplan is another popular and highly recommended platform to explore in North Carolina. They offer classes throughout existence, ranging from salesperson level courses to broker classes, making it fit for anyone looking for online real estate classes. Their self-paced learning approach offers flexible convenience, and you have the option to buy courses as packages or individually. They also provide access to exam preparation materials that are designed to boost your chances of passing the state licensing exam.

Real Estate Express

Real Estate Express is a comprehensive online platform where you can access top-quality tutoring courses and excellent resources for your real estate career. They offer beginner and advanced-level courses from pre-licensing to continuing education. The classes come in interactive video formats and have full-time support from instructors. The step-by-step approach, coupled with scenario-based interactive simulations, helps prepare students for real-life situations in the industry. Real Estate Express is known for its excellent student focus, with a user-friendly interface that encourages ease of use.

J.Y. Monk Real Estate Training

J.Y. Monk Real Estate School is another viable option for students interested in pursuing real estate in North Carolina. They offer a broad range of courses, including state-accredited Pre-Licensing and Post-Licensing courses for real estate salespeople and brokers. The courses are delivered in an online format, which includes interactive on-demand video lessons, review quizzes, and other convenient study tools. You also get direct access to experienced instructors that are willing to answer questions and offer guidance. J.Y. Monk boasts an excellent student passage rate in state licensing exams, making it an excellent choice to consider.

Brightwood Real Estate Education

Brightwood Real Estate Education is a trusted name in online real estate education in North Carolina. With over 50 years of experience in providing excellent online classes, Brightwood offers a range of courses in real estate education, including pre-licensing courses, broker courses, and continuing education units. The courses come in different formats, including live webinars, on-demand videos, and in-person classes. They have an excellent reputation for providing top-notch tutoring sessions, exam preparation materials, and other career-boosting resources, giving students the confidence they need to excel on their exams.


Online real estate classes in North Carolina have gained significant popularity, allowing students the flexibility and convenience to get a license or continue education at their own pace. The best platforms offer engaging, interactive video lessons, full-time instructor support, exam preparation materials, and a user-friendly interface that enhances learning. Consider enrolling in one of these top-rated online real estate platforms in North Carolina for the best chance of success in your career.


1. What are the best online real estate classes available in NC?

There are several online real estate classes available in NC, and the best ones are those that are accredited by the North Carolina Real Estate Commission. These include Real Estate Express, Kaplan Real Estate Education, and The CE Shop. These courses offer pre-licensing, post-licensing, and continuing education for real estate professionals. It’s important to research the different options and choose the one that best fits your learning style and schedule.

2. How long does it take to complete online real estate classes in NC?

The length of time it takes to complete online real estate classes in NC varies depending on the specific course and whether you’re pursuing pre-licensing, post-licensing, or continuing education. Pre-licensing courses usually take between 75-90 hours, while post-licensing courses can range from 30-90 hours. Continuing education courses are typically shorter, with some online classes taking as little as a few hours to complete.

3. What materials do I need for online real estate classes?

The materials you’ll need for online real estate classes will vary depending on the course provider and the specific course you’re taking. Generally, you’ll need a computer or tablet with internet access, a printer, and access to a scanner to submit assignments and take exams. Some online real estate classes also require textbooks or other materials, which can be purchased through the course provider or at a local bookstore.

4. Are online real estate classes in NC self-paced?

Yes, most online real estate classes in NC are self-paced, allowing you to take the course at your own speed and on your own schedule. However, some course providers may have specific deadlines for completing assignments or exams, so be sure to read the course syllabus and guidelines carefully.

5. Can I get a refund if I don’t like an online real estate class?

It depends on the individual course provider and their refund policy. Before enrolling in a course, be sure to read the refund policy carefully. Some providers offer a full refund if the course is dropped within a certain timeframe, while others may only offer a partial refund or no refund at all.

6. Can I take online real estate classes in NC if I live in another state?

Yes, you can take online real estate classes in NC if you live in another state. However, if you’re planning on becoming a licensed real estate agent in NC, you’ll need to meet the state’s specific licensing requirements, which may include passing a state exam and completing a certain number of pre-licensing and post-licensing hours.

7. What are the benefits of taking online real estate classes?

One of the biggest benefits of taking online real estate classes is the flexibility it offers. With online classes, you can complete the coursework on your own schedule, allowing you to balance your studies with other commitments, such as work or family obligations. Additionally, online courses are often less expensive than traditional in-person classes, and they can sometimes be completed more quickly, allowing you to start your real estate career sooner.

8. What kind of support is available for online real estate students?

Most online real estate course providers offer some level of support for their students. This may include access to instructors or tutors, online forums or discussion boards, and technical support to help with any technical issues you may have while taking the course.

9. What is the difference between pre-licensing and post-licensing real estate classes?

Pre-licensing real estate classes are designed to provide students with the knowledge they need to pass the state licensing exam and become licensed real estate agents. Post-licensing classes, on the other hand, are required for licensed agents and cover topics such as ethics, contracts, and real estate law. Post-licensing classes generally need to be completed within a certain timeframe after receiving a license, and failure to complete them can result in the suspension or revocation of a license.

10. How much do online real estate classes in NC cost?

The cost of online real estate classes in NC varies depending on the course provider and the specific course you’re taking. Pre-licensing courses can cost anywhere from a few hundred dollars to over a thousand dollars, while post-licensing and continuing education courses are generally less expensive. Be sure to shop around and compare prices to find the best deal for you.

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