Top 5 Online Anger Management Classes for Better Mental Health

Anger can be a healthy and normal emotion, but it can quickly spiral out of control and negatively impact personal and professional relationships. However, not everyone has access to a physical therapist or time to attend in-person classes. Fortunately, the advent of technology has brought about an influx of online anger management classes in recent years.

These classes offer a convenient, confidential, and affordable way to learn healthy anger management techniques from the comfort of your home. Whether you’re seeking guidance for yourself or a loved one, it can be challenging to know where to start your search. In this article, we’ll explore some of the best online anger management classes available in the market and examine their unique strengths and features.

The Benefits of Online Anger Management Classes

Online anger management classes offer convenience and anonymity to those seeking help with their anger issues.

Top Online Anger Management Classes

From individual counseling to group sessions, these online anger management classes provide effective tools and techniques for managing anger.

Overview of Online Anger Management Classes

Anger management refers to the process of recognizing and managing negative emotions related to anger. It is becoming increasingly recognized as an effective way of reducing outbursts of anger and physical and verbal aggression. In recent times, the demand for online anger management classes has grown, with many people seeking anonymity and convenience in accessing help for their problems. In this article, we will discuss some of the best online anger management classes that can help individuals understand and manage their anger issues.

1. BetterHelp

BetterHelp offers professional therapy services from licensed therapists. They provide one-on-one counseling sessions and help individuals with anger management issues. Clients can access therapy services on a flexible schedule, making it suitable for those who have irregular schedules. BetterHelp’s counselors use Cognitive Behavioral Therapy (CBT) techniques to help customers understand the root causes of anger and develop skills to manage it. The cost of the services varies depending on the subscription package selected by the client.

2. Online Therapy

Online Therapy provides therapy sessions from licensed therapists, helping people manage their anger and other mental health issues. Clients may access therapy either through texting, phone calls, or video calls. Online therapy is suitable for individuals who may have mobility issues, are dealing with stigma or need to manage their time effectively. Online therapy sessions help clients to develop effective communication skills, enhance emotional intelligence, and employ problem-solving techniques. Online therapy is relatively affordable, and clients can schedule sessions based on their availability.

3. Udemy

Udemy offers a wide range of online courses that cover different aspects of managing anger issues. The courses are affordable and offer self-paced learning, allowing clients to enrol and complete the content in their time. Udemy’s courses are designed by professional therapists and psychologists and cover topics ranging from basic anger management to deep-rooted anger issues. The clients have access to reading materials and exercises that can be practised between classes. Udemy also provides a certificate of completion after finishing some of the courses.

4. Open Path

Open Path is a nonprofit organization that connects clients with licensed therapists who provide affordable one-on-one therapy sessions. The organization offers several avenues for clients to access therapy services; clients can get therapy either through video calls or in-person sessions. Open Path provides therapy sessions on a sliding scale basis, which means clients pay a fee based on their income levels. The organization helps people with different mental health issues, and the therapy sessions could be personalized according to individual needs.

5. American Psychological Association

The American Psychological Association offers a list of licensed mental health professionals who provide therapy services across the United States. This resource can be useful for individuals in search of professional help for anger management. The organization provides a database of professionals who have the appropriate licenses and qualifications to provide therapy services. Clients can search the database based on their location, which makes it easy for people to find therapists close to their homes or offices. Clients can check each therapist’s credentials and experience to determine who will be best equipped to help with their individual needs.


In conclusion, managing anger can be a challenging process, but with the right support, it is possible to overcome. Online anger management classes offer a flexible way to access therapy services, and they are relatively affordable. All of the classes listed above offer excellent support to clients, helping them to understand the root causes of their anger and provide techniques and strategies to manage it positively. It’s important always to remember that seeking professional help is the first step towards managing anger effectively.


1. What Are Online Anger Management Classes?

Anger management is a type of therapy that helps people recognize and manage their emotional responses to frustrating or stressful situations. Online anger management classes provide the same level of guidance and support as in-person classes, but they are delivered through a virtual platform, usually using videos or webinars.

During these classes, you will learn valuable techniques that will help you in identifying your anger triggers, understanding how to control your emotions, and determining the best course of action to take when you are faced with such situations. More so, online classes give you the convenience of learning from the comfort of your home at your pace.

2. Who Should Take Online Anger Management Classes?

Anyone who has difficulty controlling their emotions when faced with frustrating or stressful situations should consider taking online anger management classes. It is not uncommon for anyone to get angry, but often, it is how you handle that anger that can be problematic. When feelings of anger lead to aggressive or violent behavior, taking anger management classes would be a good idea.

Additionally, if you notice that your anger is causing disruptions in your personal relationships or at work, including experiencing sleep deprivation and depression, these classes can help you build healthy and effective coping mechanisms.

3. How Long Do Online Anger Management Classes Take?

Online anger management courses have different duration length, depending on the organization offering the class. Some courses may be completed within a few hours, while others may require a month’s worth of classes. Generally, most online anger management classes last about ten to twenty hours, depending on the course structure.

Your attendance, involvement, and participation will be critical to how long it takes to complete the classes. Often, you are required to attend and participate in a certain number of sessions to complete the course.

4. How Much Do Online Anger Management Classes Cost?

The cost of online anger management classes is dependent on the organization providing the course. Many courses are affordable, with some courses free or operational on a sliding scale. Courses offered by licensed therapists or psychologists can be more expensive, but these courses come more highly recommended by mental health professionals.

You can expect to pay anywhere between $20 and $500 for an online anger management course. Private health insurance policies can sometimes provide coverage for this service. Therefore, it’s crucial to check whether your health insurance plan covers these classes.

5. How Effective Are Online Anger Management Classes?

Online anger management classes have recorded significant success over the years. Studies have shown that online classes can be as effective as in-person classes. One reason for this is that online courses are usually more accessible, and you can access them from anywhere, even in the comfort of your home.

Furthermore, online classes often include interactive exercises, role-playing, and simulations. These types of exercises are known to be effective in teaching anger management techniques and are also utilized in in-person classes.

6. What Techniques Are Taught In Online Anger Management Classes?

Online anger management classes typically focus on a variety of behavioral and cognitive techniques to manage anger rather than suppressing it. Some of the techniques include mindfulness and deep breathing exercises, changing negative self-talk to positive self-talk, communication techniques that support healthy relationships, assertiveness training, and effective problem-solving skills.

You will learn how to write an anger management plan, how to manage stress healthily, and ways to keep calm during conflicts. Remember that what you learn will differ based on your particular course provider.

7. Is A Certificate Issued After Completing Online Anger Management Classes?

Yes, most online anger management classes provide a certificate of completion once the student completes the required sessions. These certificates can be critical to certain situations, such as legal cases, court obligations, or custody situations. Ensure that the course you register for offers a certificate of completion if you believe that you may need one.

8. Are Online Anger Management Classes Private And Confidential?

Yes, online anger management classes are confidential, just like traditional therapy sessions. The organization providing the course should maintain strict confidentiality even if the course is delivered online. It is advised you verify the course or organization’s privacy policy before you register to confirm the level of privacy you will receive.

9. Who Teaches Online Anger Management Classes?

Online anger management classes are usually taught by licensed professionals who specialize in anger management therapy. These professionals possess knowledge and experience in developing anger management techniques. They can also coach students to navigate real-life situations that may evoke anger and strong emotions.

Other times, organizations can have diverse teams of professionals and non-professionals that lead online anger management classes. Here, it is crucial to read the course descriptions and instructor profile carefully to ensure you are receiving quality instruction from a qualified individual.

10. How Do I Get Started With Online Anger Management Classes?

To start with online anger management classes, you will need to first pick a course provider. Once you have selected the course you would like to attend, you’ll typically be directed to make the required payment. Upon payment, you will be given access to all the course materials and a schedule of sessions, whether live or pre-recorded.

If it is a live session, you will be provided with a video conferencing link to follow and participate with the group. At the end of the session, if a certificate of completion will be awarded, an online exam may follow to confirm that you have adequately learned the techniques taught in the course.

The exact steps involved may differ based on the provider’s structure and payment requirements, but these are some general guidelines to expect.

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