Awesome Outdoor Curtains For Porch

Mar 24th
Top Outdoor Curtains for Porch
Top Outdoor Curtains For Porch

Outdoor curtains for porch – When many people think of curtains, they think of curtains covering the inner windows or even shower curtains. But these are not the only ways to use the functional and appealing pieces of fabric. Gardiner has the power to transform spaces, including outdoor areas. Making curtains for your porch allows you to transform it into a more romantic area and give it a touch of privacy and mystery, not to mention to keep out mosquitoes.

Select your substance. If you just want to keep out mosquitoes and have more privacy, you can use a transparent substance such as bed nets or chiffon. Consider fabrics like nylon, if you like curtains to offer you protection from the elements. Measure the length and width of the areas of your porch where you want to add outdoor curtains for porch. Write these measurements down. Add 2 inches to the length and width multiply by 1.5. Cut your fabric to these new dimensions.

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Put your outdoor curtains for porch of you face down on a flat surface. Fold the right vertical edge in one-half inch. Secure it in place by sliding the pins along the folded edge, distance them 3 inches or so from each other.  Fold down 1 inch of the top edge of the fabric. Then secure it in place by placing pins along the folded edge of about 3 inches apart. Sew the right edge in place with a sewing machine with a simple running stitch. Remove the pins as you go. Repeat on the remaining three sides. Secure the curtain rod clip to the top of the curtain, spacing them 2 to 3 inches apart.

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