Monday, September 2, 2013

De blasio the front runner

New York City Public Advocate Bill De blasio is now the front runner for the Democratic nomination for Mayor of New York City with 8 days to go until primary day. This is a remarkable development given the fact that De blasio was lagging in third only a month or two ago. Now De Blasio leads the pack with 32%, Bill Thompson is locked in 2nd with Christine Quinn at 18% and 17% respectively. The candidate will have to break 40% to avoid a runoff. The remarkable thing here is that Quinn the NY City Council Speaker with a $5 million war chest was all but annoited to become the next Mayor when she jumped into the race and now shes in third. So how did De blasio shoot from no where to front runner? He tapped into the liberal base of the Democratic party and energized the base behind him. De blasio who served on the NY City Council before becoming Public Advocate in 2009 has taken progressive positions during the course of the campaign and is a true progressive Democrat who like Bill Thompson who I am supporting would serve the City of New York well.

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