Sunday, December 2, 2012

The next Secretary of State

With the election over and the President looking forward to a second term, speculation is centered on who will replace outgoing Secretary of State Hillary Clinton. Clinton who has served our nation admirably and unselfishlessly since 1992, has indicated that she will leave the administration and return to New York. While a host of names are in the mix to be the President's top diplomat, two names are making the rounds as serious contenders. UN Ambassador Susan Rice and Massachusetts Senator John Kerry. In my opinion, Kerry is the logical and right choice. Kerry, the 2004 Democratic nominee for President, a 28 year veteran of the U.S. Senate, and current Chairman of the Senate Foreign Relations Committee is well respected and known around the globe. Russian government officials have already indicated they would like to see Kerry replace Clinton as Secretary of State. Russian officials have sent reports that Rice is too aggressive and ambitious and Moscow would have a better working relationship with Sec. of State Kerry. Here at home, Republican Senator's have made it known they prefer Kerry over his chief rival Rice. Several Republican Senator's have indicated that Kerry would have a far more smoother confirmation then Rice who is seen as the President's leading choice. The biggest concern facing the Obama White House regarding Kerry is the special election that will occur for his open Massachusett's Senate seat. Democrat's fear a rehash of what happend when the late Senator Ted Kennedy's seat became open and was won by Republican Scott Brown. I disagree. Martha Coakley was a terrible candidate who took Massachuetts voters for granted by leaving the state for an overseas holiday vacation while Brown aggressively worked the state. This special election was right after the passage of the Obama Health Care plan when tea party activists were fired up, organized and financed. The election for an open Massachusetts Senate seat in 2013 would be far different. Ed Markey would be a great candidate who could sail into the Senate seat against potential Republican candidate Scott Brown. Brown cannot match Markey's long legislative record and work on behalf of Massachusetts. Steve Lynch is a strong candidate and Gov. Patrick is even a strong contender and Senator Patrick would be a more formidable candidate for President in 2016 as a former governor and incumbent Senator. Democrat's have a strong bench in Massachusetts and Barack Obama has a strong contender for Sec of State in John Kerry.

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