Monday, December 10, 2012

Charlie Crist the next Democratic governor?

Charlie Crist the longtime conservative Reagan Republican who was elected Florida Governor in 2006 turned 2010 Independent candidate for the US Senate is now officially an Obama Democrat. Crist signed his Florida change of party registration form at a White House Christmas party Friday evening followed by a fist to fist bump with the President. Speculation has been rampant that Crist who now works for Morgan and Morgan and supported the President for re-election as well as Bill Nelson and newly elected Democratic Congressman Patrick Murphy will run for governor in 2014 as a Democrat. Polls show that Crist leads the Democratic field followed by 2010 Democratic nominee Alex Sink. I have already pledged my support to liberal former Broward County state Senator Nan Rich who has declared her candidacy for governor. Crist is the 800 pound gorilla in the Dem field however I remember Crist supporting John McCain, George W Bush, opposing abortion rights, and calling himself a Jeb Bush conservative. Nan Rich has always been an advocate for abortion rights, children, seniors and health care. While Crist was backing McCain in 2008 and was on the short list for VP. Rich was one of Hillary Clinton's most ardent Florida supporters and later at Hillary's request supported the Obama-Biden ticket. I welcome Crist to the church but that doesn't mean I want him at the pulpit.

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