Saturday, March 31, 2007

Choices for Vice President on the DEM ticket

I know, I know, the first vote hasn't even been casted, the first televised primary debate hasn't even been broadcasted but Mitt Romney is talking about a Republican Vice Presidential list so why not talk about a Democratic VEEP list? After all this time next year the political chatter will be on who the Vice Presidential running mate will be.

I think whoever the Democratic nominee is and I think it will be John Edwards must consider Bill Richardson for Vice President. Bill Richardson is a former US Rep., UN Ambassador, cabinet member and Governor from a midwestern state. Richardson would appeal in places like Colorado that elected Ken Salazar in 2004 and Florida that elected Mel Martinez and Arizona, a neighbor to New Mexico. I would support Vice President Richardson in 2016 as President and Mrs. Edwards prepare to build their library in North Carolina. Richardson probably has no chance of winning the nomination in 2008 but would be a superb VP pick.

Governor Kathleen Sebellius is mentioned frequently, she's a Governor from the midwest and would appeal in midwestern state but I'd go with Richardson on that point.

General Wes Clark's name pop's up frequently, he's a former NATO Commander without elected experience, probably make a better Secretary of Defense.

Tom Vilsack is certain to be mentioned this time next yr but why? His biggest selling point is hes from Iowa. He was a good Governor but not a wow and probably ruined his chances with his early support for Hillary, wonder what he'll do when John wins Iowa and then the nomination?

We also hear former Virginia Governor Mark Warner but I'd rather see him in the US Senate.

Paging Former Sen. Bob Kerrey of Nebraska, now President of the New School University in NY would be a refreshing choice, interested in coming back? A Senator from the midwest, businessman, educator, Vietnam War Veteran, I have long respected Kerrey and thought he was the choice in '92.

Another personal favorite of mine is a populist Governor from Montana named Brian Schweitzer. Schweitzer is a very successful Governor in Montana who probably propelled Jon Tester's election to the Senate. Schweitzer is a guy who can add a lot to the national ticket.

Sure we have plenty of time to talk "Vice Presidential" politics but any of these people would be better then Dick Cheney and would wipe the floor with Mark Sanford, Jeb Bush or Newt Gingrich in a VP Debate.

General election polls

Rasmussen Reports

Edwards 47%
McCain 38%

Edwards 55%
Romney 29%

Amazing numbers.

Congressman Dave Obey supports Edwards

US House Appropriations Committee Chairman and Wisconsin Democratic US Rep. Dave Obey is supporting John Edwards in the Democratic primary for President.

Obey endorsed Edwards saying, "When John Edwards is talking about tackling the problems that matter most to America's working class families-things like affordable health care, access to quality education, and strengthening retirement security-I believe that he really means it. That is the kind of man I want as my President".

Well said Dave, I couldn't agree with you more.

What happend to Corzine?

I have long admired Governor Jon Corzine and was so pleased with his efforts on behalf of Betty Castor in the 2004 Florida US Senate race where then DSSC Chairman Jon Corzine spent so much time and money. I commended Corzine for giving up a US Senate seat to return to New Jersey and serve as Governor at a time when New Jersey needed leadership.

I admired Corize for his vote against the Iraq resolution and applauded his choice of Bob Menendez as his successor in the US Senate, Menendez voted against the resolution of the House side unlike potential Senate successor Robert Andrews who voted for it.

That is why I cannot believe that Jon Corzine, a progressive Democrat who voted against and has opposed the War in Iraq, on Monday will become the first Democratic Governor to endorse Hillary Clinton in her bid for President.

Julie Roginsky, a Democratic strategist told the New York Times, "Ideologically, he may be on the same page as Edwards and Obama, but I think at the end of the day, hes an old bond trader, and hes looking at who has the best odds of whos going to win".

I think the Governor's need's to realize that this is not the NYSE, this is the future of our nation and future of our party. This is not a football game where you go with the odds, this is a Presidential primary, where you select the candidates who resembles your principles and beliefs.

What has happend to Jon Corzine?

Mitt Romney's Vice Presidential list

I am not a big fan of Mitt Romney and find it incredible that he ran for the US Senate in 1994 and Governor in 2002 as a pro choice candidate in a liberal state and now he seeks the Republican nomination for President as a darling of the right wing, pro life, pro family values and they say Al Gore reinvents himself. One thing I will say for Romney is the man is confident and ambitious.

Your at 7% in national polls, running fourth in Iowa at 10% behind Fred Thompson who isn't even in the race yet, third in New Hampshire, a neighboring state to a state you led as Governor and your already talking about a Vice President, wow!

In a speech in South Carolina, Romney ticked off a list of names he would consider for Vice President and I as a Democrat yearning for a Democratic Presidency love the list.

Mark Sanford, Gov of SC, darling of the right wing, unknown outside of SC. This is the guy who when asked at an NACCP convention about how the state should handle pay disparity problems between whites and blacks answered, "If you want to have greater opportunities, its got to begin somewhere. And generally it begins with somebody knowing somebody else". With an answer he's gotta be a leading candidate for VP on the GOP ticket.

Then there's Newt Gingrich. Romney possible opponent in the Presidential primary, presented his wife with divorce papers while she was undergoing chemotherapy treatments and just recently admitted to having an affair with a Congressional employee is one of Mitt's top three choices. Oh please Mitt go with Newt, please!

Jeb Bush is the third choice, should I add more?

I am not a big fan of Romney but with a VP list like this, oh, I hope he wins the nomination!

Friday, March 30, 2007

Iowa-Edwards ticket to the White House

The University of Iowa poll: Edwards 36%
Clinton 24%
Obama %14

Edwards is either tied or ahead of Clinton in all Iowa polls. As written on the Des Moines Register blog, "A win in Iowa could give Edwards the momentum to win the nomination".

Wednesday, March 28, 2007

Police Death Squads In Iraq

In the video below Michael Ware tells us that in Iraq there are Institutional Death Squads in Police Uniforms. This was in November of 2006. We learned from SINAN SALAHEDDIN, Associated Press Writer yesterday "BAGHDAD - Shiite militants and police enraged by massive truck bombings in the northwestern town of Tal Afar went on a revenge spree against Sunni residents there Wednesday, killing as many as 60 people, officials said. " These are Police the US has trained and supplied with weapons and uniforms. We are thus giving direct support to Shiite Death squads as well as supporting the Maliki government which is completely infiltrated by the death squads and allied with Iran. The chimp talks about Democracy and we are once again as so often in the past supporting a government that is comprised of a group of murderous thugs who want nothing at all to do with Democracy. Yet every night we are subjected to the the ludicrous discussions on the main stream media discussing Iraq as if there were two sides to the story. The truth is there is only one side;we have US troops stationed in the middle of a civil war in which we have no interest in and will never be able to stop. How many more young American Troops will have to be killed or maimed for life before people such as Chris Matthews wake up and start calling for immediate withdrawal. When will the Democrats in The Senate and the House have the spine to call for the IMPEACHMENT of George Bush. What are they waiting for? Day after day more impeachable offenses come to light but Nancy Pelosi tells us Impeachment is off the table. It is not off my table nor that of the majority of Americans. I implore the Democrats to stop playing games and understand that we are at the precipice. War with Iran is imminent yet it is business as usual. I am sick and tired of getting your letters asking for donations while you lack the fortitude to do the right thing; IMPEACH this lying Bastard. Get some cojones and represent us. Remember you are either part of the problem or part of the solution. The choice is yours. This means you to Hillary.

Michael Ware on Iraqi Civil War

This was posted in November and the shrub continues to piss on us. IMPEACHMENT NOW

McCain Has No Credibility Left

The straight talker has apparently become so desperate that he is now stating that the Iraqi Army is actually a significant fighting force. Juan Cole as usual has given us the Truth as Cole points out

" McCain, for instance, hailed that deployment of Iraqi brigades "at or above 75% of their programmed strength"! Put another way, a quarter of the Iraqi troops ordered to Baghdad technically speaking went AWOL instead! If a quarter of all US troops ordered to Iraq fled to Canada or refused to leave their home base, that would be a catastrophe. But McCain manages to deploy weasel words to make this incredible statistic seem a positive thing. Moreover, even his basic facts may be wrong. Last I knew, one of the Iraqi brigades ordered to Baghdad only came at half strength."
This as so many of Cole's comments cuts through the untruthful verbiage of Politicians such as The Straight talker with regard to Iraq. He also exposes McCain's statement that Baghdad is much safer now as quite simply a lie. Quoting part of an interview with Michael Ware by Wolf Blitzer he reveals the reality of the situation;
"WARE: Well, I’d certainly like to bring Sen. McCain up to speed if he ever gives me the opportunity. And if I have any difficulty hearing you right now Wolf, that’s because of the helicopters circling overhead and the gun battle that is blazing away just a few blocks down the road. Is Baghdad any safer? Sectarian violence, one particular type of violence, is down. But none of the American generals here on the ground have anything like Sen. McCain’s confidence. I mean, Sen. McCain’s credibility now on Iraq, which has been so solid to this point, is now being left out hanging to dry. To suggest that there’s any neighborhood in this city where an American can walk freely is beyond ludicrous. I’d love Sen. McCain to tell me where that neighborhood is and he and I can go for a stroll.And to think that Gen. David Petraeus travels this city in an unarmed humvee? I mean, in the hour since Sen. McCain’s said this, I’ve spoken to military sources and there was laughter down the line. I mean, certainly the general travels in a humvee. There’s multiple humvees around it, heavily armed. There’s attack helicopters, predator drones, sniper teams, all sorts of layers of protection. So, no, Sen. McCain is way off base on this one. "

As McCain continues to make outlandish statements as to what he claims to be the truth about Iraq his poll numbers will continue to plummet. I see the straight talk express crashing off its tracks leaving the engineer in its wake.

Tuesday, March 27, 2007

I'm still waiting Barack

Local Democratic activists and money people in our local party tell me that Barack Obama will be in town April 15th and even though I am an Edwards supporter, they want me to come out and hear what he has to say. My question to them was, hear what? Thats he wants unity in Washington? That he wants to change the way things are done in Washington? Hear that he served as a state Senator and went to the Senate? Really for the past eight weeks thats all we have heard.

I am still waiting for Senator Obama who is a candidate for President of the United States to tell me what he plans to do to insure the millions of Americans who work without health insurance.

I am still waiting for the Senator to tell me how he will address the increasing problem of poverty.

I am still waiting for the Senator to tell me how he will address global warming.

The Senator offers telegenic looks, good speaking ablities, good personality but no substance, I have better things to do on April 15th.

Monday, March 26, 2007

Moving on up

According to Yahoo, the findings of a new Rasmussen Reports national phone poll reports that Hillary Clinton is polling at between 34-38% remaining steady, Barack Obama is at 25%, last week he was at 30%, down 5% in this national poll, and John Edwards is at 17% up from 11% and the highest he's been to date in a national poll. The survey of 757 likely Democratic primary voter's clearly shows that Edwards message is generating with voters and he is the most electable Democratic candidate of the top three tier candidates. Coupled with the poll's from Iowa and New Hampshire, this is great momentum for the Edwards campaign.

Bill Shaheen and Tom Vilsack sell out to Clinton

I have long respected the service of Bill Shaheen to the Democratic Party as well as his service as First Gentlemen of New Hampshire however that respect comes to an end today. Shaheen has agreed to serve as Chairman of the Clinton for President campaign in New Hampshire and has turned a blind eye to the Senator's vote on Iraq and refusal to repudate that vote. Bill Shaheen signaled today that he is OK with politics as usual and doesn't feel things should be run differently in this country. In 2002, Governor Shaheen asked for my help in her US Senate race, Shaheen is considering an '08 run and can forget receving any help from me. I would have loved to seen Bill Shaheen join the Edwards campaign, I would of even been ok with him supporting Obama but to support a DLC candidate who advocates politics as usual and to sell out to the DLC is reprehensable. I hope the former Governor has more common sense then her husband and will not follow suit.

Tom Vilsack is no surprise, no surprise at all. The former DLC Chairman has no core principles, no backbone and wants to be Vice-President so bad he'll do anything. Vice President is all he can hope for since he can't raise enough money to run a campaign on his own, donor's clearly see he is a spineless bastard with no principle. There is even no point in writing more about Vilsack, again its no surprise, he and Clinton are two peas in the same pod, both represent DLC values, both represent politics as usual.

Some people just never learn.

Sunday, March 25, 2007

Elizabeth and John Edwards - Press Conference

Profiles In Courage

Rep. Patrick Murphy (D-PA) Iraq floor speech 3-23-07

A True Patriot Tells it Like It Is

Message From John Edwards

"Elizabeth and I are so grateful for your prayers and wishes. Your support means a great deal to us during this difficult time.

As you may have heard, yesterday we found out that Elizabeth's breast cancer is back, but confined mainly to her bones. Although this isn't the news we wanted to hear, we are very optimistic. Having been through many struggles together in the past, we know that the key is to keep your head up, keep moving and be strong. And that's exactly what we intend to do.

Elizabeth and I have been married for nearly 30 years and we will be in this every step of the way together. We will keep a positive attitude and always look for the silver lining—that's what we do.

Although the cancer is no longer curable, it is treatable, and many patients in similar circumstances have lived full, energetic lives. We expect nothing less for Elizabeth. She expects to do all the things next week that she did last week.

Our campaign goes on and it goes on strongly. We are so proud of the campaign we are running—a campaign based on ideas and reaching out to people. This campaign is not about me or Elizabeth—it's about all the people we have met these past few years and people like them all across America and the world—people struggling with poverty; people worried about feeding and clothing their kids; people facing hardships overseas.

Both of us are committed to this campaign. We're committed to this cause and we're committed to changing this country we love so much.

Thank you again for your support and for standing with us.

John Edwards

Friday, March 23, 2007

New Poll Numbers

After a somewhat rocky week for Edwards supporters, here are our some new numbers to head into the weekend on a uplifted note. According to the American Research Group (March 19-22)

Clinton 34%
Edwards 33%
Obama 16%
Biden 2%
Clark 2%
Dodd 1%
Richardson 1%
Kucinich 1%
Gravel 0%
Undecided 10%

Bottom line is Edwards is running neck and neck with Clinton in Iowa and Obama is behind by almost 20%. Even if the 10% were to split between Edwards and Obama, Edwards wins Iowa. Iowa is a traditionally Progressive state and my guess is about 7% of the undecided will go to Edwards with the other 3% going to Obama. Its still early, very early, after all Edwards was at 3% in 2004 in Iowa and finished 2nd behind Kerry but early numbers look good.

New Hampshire
Clinton 37%
Obama 23%
Edwards 20%
Biden 2%
Richardson 2%
Clark 1%
Dodd 1%
Kucinich 1%
Gravel 0%

Theres been some movement in NH where Clinton led with 43% a few months ago, some poll's had her close to 50% but 43% was the average, Clinton is losing ground, John is coming up, he was at about 14% so hes comes up a bit and Obama who ran second to Clinton in NH, some polls even had him slightly ahead has lost ground. Former NH State Chair Kathy Sullivan has indicated that John is well liked in NH.


Clinton 32%
Obama 20%
Edwards 11%
Clark 2%
Richardson 2%
Biden 1%
Dodd 1%

John came up from 8% from Dec to March, little movement. NV is really a make or break for Richardson, its a western state and a state he needs to stay viable.

The breakdown is after Iowa, Nevada and then New Hampshire Florida votes. The state House passed a bill and the Senate is expected to follow suit making the Florida primary 1/29

The Florida numbers are:
Clinton 38%
Gore 13%
Obama 13%
Edwards 6%

Gore is not a candidate and I don't believe he will run, his college roomate and SR Florida advisor from '04 is a top fund raiser for John so considering Gore's 13% goes to John , that would put him at 18% in Florida, even if it split, he still runs in the top 3 in Florida.

The 02/05/08 Super Tuesday states are Delaware, South Carolina, North Carolina, New Mexico, Arizona, Utah, New Jersey, and California.

Clinton 34%
Biden 21%
Obama 19%
Edwards 10%

I think Biden will win DE, if he doesn't, he should just retire because thats bad if you can't carry a state you have represented since the 70's, I mean I'd retire and move. Clinton has the name ID among the activists but I think Biden carrys DE, Clinton 2nd and 3rd is up in the air.

South Carolina
Clinton 34%
Edwards 31%
Obama 10%
The rest are at 2% and 1%

SC is a must win for John and so far he looks good, very good. I would say with a 3% margin of error, Clinton and Edwards are running neck and neck, Edwards won the state in the 04 primaries, he should pull it off in '08 and notice Biden is 13% behind Clinton in his home state yet Edwards polls neck and neck with her in a state he was born in but did not represent. Shows strong support in SC where 50% of the vote is African American and Obama only poll's at 10%, thats encouraging.

North Carolina
Edwards 30%
Clinton 26%
Obama 19%

Edwards represented the state in the Senate and has the backing of Congressmen Shuler, Watt, Miller and McIntyre. If they stump for Edwards in their districts, he should be fine.

New Mexico
Richardson 28% (hey hes above 2%, good for him)
Clinton 22%
Obama 17%
Edwards 12%

Richardson wins NM, he has to win NM and I think Edwards will finish second or third, I don't see Obama doing well here, I don't see his connection with NM.

Clinton 33%
Obama 24%
Edwards 13%
Richardson 4%

This isn't good for Richardson, this is a western state, border state to NM and a loss here puts him out. Edwards is in the top 3, ahead of Richardson.

Clinton 31%
Obama 18%
Edwards 9%

Edwards is in the top three, hes working that state hard.

New Jersey
Clinton 41%
Obama 19%
Gore 10% Gore is not running
Edwards 5%

Count Gore out and consider that former NJ Gov Codey is backing Edwards and also this is Clinton's backyard so a decent showing by Edwards would be fine.

California (THE BIG ONE)
Clinton 34%
Obama 23%
Edwards 16%

These are very good numbers for John. He is in the top 3, not far behind Obama. #2 Clinton whose husband is loved in CA does not have a commanding lead and #3 California has a very large Hispanic population and Richardson isn't even in the top three tier. San Francisco is very Progressive and could tilt the state for John. In any doubt these are good early numbers for a big Super Tuesday state.

My prediction is after 02/05 the race will narrow to three, Clinton,, Obama,, Edwards. 02/09 Michigan votes, the numbers are

Clinton 45%
Obama 29%
Edwards 16%

However Edwards has the support of David Bonior and if Bonior can get labor in MI out to vote, numbers could change.

02/12 is Virginia, right above NC and the former state Dem Party Chair has endorsed Edwards. Gov Kaine is behind Obama, given that VA is right above NC and the Gov is backing Obama, Hillary will have a tough time winning here making it an Obama-Edwards race and VA could decide the nominee.

Another thing to note is that New York wants to move up to 02/05 to get in on the Super Tuesday action, right now NY is slated for a March primary, my hope is NY will stay in March, if they move up to 02/05, a Hillary win in NY could throw enough delegates her way, if they stay in March, the race could go to 02/12 and VA could decide the nominee.

The bottom line is Iowa looks great for John, a second place win in NH after an Iowa win is almost in the bag, a win in NH is not out of reach and Florida, a southern state having a primary a week later with the momentum of Iowa and NH puts John in a very good position.

Digest these numbers and tell me what you think.

The Campaign Goes On

Any ordinary woman married to a wealthy trial lawyer who served in the US Senate and was running for President would call her husband home and probably tell him to get out of the race for President after finding out she had fallen ill, she would probably say who need's this but Elizabeth Edwards is not an ordinary woman, shes an extraordinary woman.

My understanding is that John the devoted husband and family man he is was ready to suspend his campaign or even drop out of the race after learning that Elizabeth's cancer had returned. However Elizabeth being the fighter she is, who loves this country so much, cares for people so much and believes in John as we all do wouldn't hear of it. The unselfish decision to move forward with this campaign as they both face a personal triumph is admirable and I will do all I can to put John and Elizabeth in the White House.

When I met John in January, he spoke from his heart, he spoke to people, not down to people, you could tell he wasn't reading from a script handed to him 15 minutes before but was saying what he believed. Many people think of John, a wealthy trial lawyer, former US Senator running for President and they say how can he understand what I am going through? Well yesterday told America that John and Elizabeth are just like us, they face obstacles and challenges and like ordinary Americans who are not wealthy or powerful and have no choice but to fight, John and Elizabeth fight, they don't back down.

John realizes that not every women who is diagnosed with breast cancer has insurance, has the opportunity to fight and that why he has introduced a bold health care plan that will offer those who are not insured, coverage at an affordable price giving women the opportunity to go for annual checkups and preventive care.

There is no turning back, John and Elizabeth are in this race and John and Elizabeth just as they prevailed fighting Elizabeth's breast cancer, will prevail fighting this new health challenge and with help from all of us will prevail in the race for President.

Some say Edwards for President, I say Elizabeth for First Lady!

Thursday, March 22, 2007

Elizabeth And John Edwards An Inspiration

Elizabeth Edwards is an inspiration to us all. She has refused to succumb to her illness. Her remarkable courage in the face of a terrible illness is amazing. She has put her country and her values first. You can bet that she told John no way was he going to give up his bid for the presidency. My admiration for her and her husband knows no bounds. These are real people who we can all look up to as real people. John Edwards would change the whole image of our country. An example of their incredible strength is that both flew off to campaign events following their press conference. These are people who would make a difference. Their values are true ones not the creation of political consultants. I for one will do all I can to see John as our next President. Our country desperately needs him.

Sunday, March 18, 2007

The Shrub And Iran

The signs continue that The Shrub as Molly Ivins aptly christened him, is on track for a disastrous war with Iran, which rather than subsiding, but with Cheney pulling the puppet's strings seem more likely than ever. Over one month ago Zbigniew Brzezinski warned against such folly. "Brzezinski, a former U.S. national security adviser, told Congress the war in Iraq was a calamity and was likely to lead to "a head-on conflict with Iran and with much of the world of Islam at large."
Testifying before the Senate Foreign Relations Committee on Thursday, Brzezinski skewered Bush administration policy as driven by "imperial hubris" and as a disaster on historic, strategic and moral grounds.
While other former U.S. officials and ex-generals have criticized administration policy in committee hearings, none savaged it to the degree Brzezinski did.
"If the United States continues to be bogged down in a protracted bloody involvement in Iraq, and I emphasize what I am about to say, the final destination on this downhill track is likely to be a head-on conflict with Iran and with much of the world of Islam at large," said the security adviser in the Democratic administration of former President Jimmy Carter"

In "12 Consequences ofAttacking Iran
Jon Basil Utley"
wrote; " The murdered Israeli leader Gen. Yitzhak Rabin opposed the First Gulf War in 1990, warning that one never knows when starting a war where it will lead. As Bush and the neocons are reportedly planning to attack Iran, we should all think of the likely consequences.
Most Americans already believe that George Bush is not much influenced by facts, but rather by his ideology. Already he is reportedly thinking of his legacy and dreaming that history will prove him "right." More disturbing are his religious beliefs, in particular his daily readings of Scottish preacher Oswald Chambers, who argues that if plans and events go wrong, it just means that
God is testing believers' faith, not that strategies should be changed. This may also explain Bush's aversion to diplomacy. After all, God does not "negotiate" with evil."

Utley went on to expose the false premise that Israel somehow urged the U.S. to war with Iraq;
"The disasters for America could also weaken and challenge the power of the Israel Lobby, especially AIPAC. At least that is the concern of writers at the major Jewish newspaper The Forward. The writers note concern for the perceptions that Israeli interests fomented the attack on Iraq. The antiwar and anti-empire movement is also heavily Jewish, but without "the New York money people" pushing America into war with Iran, as warned by Gen. Wesley Clark."
Bush now has the authority to attack Iran without Congressional approval. Giving a zealot such power is insane. Yet Hillary is all for it and as usual we have little clue as to where Obama stands. The only viable Democratic candidate opposing it is John Edwards. These madmen must be stopped yet The Democratic Congress is with few exceptions as useless as ever. Unless they take action and quickly their 2006 victory will be short lived. So to will the world as we know it.

Saturday, March 17, 2007

Congressman Bill Young (R-FL), you owe the troops an apology

While serving as Chairman of the US House Appropriations Committee, Congressman Bill Young R-FL should have conducted hearings into the shameful treatment of our troops however he choose to cover for his party and put party and the Bush Presidency before doing what is right.

The illegal war, awarding Dept. of Defense funds to private companies like Blackwater and Haliburton no doubt contributed to the conditions at Walter Reed and beyond. Hearings should of been conducted and an investigation should of been conducted.

Bill Young blew it, instead of protecting our troops, he protected the President and his party.

It is time for Bill Young to retire, if he doesnt, he'll be defeated. I have been in contact with the state party here in Florida and I can tell you that the defeat of Bill Young will be a top priority of the national Democratic party in 2008. The party is talking to a few good candidates in the dist. and I intend to speak with several of them this week myself. Bill Young's actions must not be overlooked or excused.

Clinton and Obama-Business As Usual

One of the better definitions of sanity I have heard is the ability to relate meaningfully to the present. If one accepts this to be at least an accurate definition it seems then the majority of our leaders are clinically insane.

We are in the midst of a devastating war in Iraq which we were lead into by what, without any rational argument , was based on a calculated and intentional series of lies and disinformation. We now know that the Bush administration led by the Cheney Cabal planned on invading Iraq from the very day they took office, The plan, in fact, emanated from the neo cons project at project for the New American Century in 1998 in which Cheney, Richard Pearl, Douglas Fieth, Paul Wolkowitz, to name but a few, were intimately involved.

Following 9/11, we quickly departed Afghanistan to launch our shock and awe campaign, the slam duck war again Iraq. Thousand of Americans are now dead and wounded and hundreds of thousand of Iraqis killed. We are now escalating the war because we are told to give up now would serve to bring chaos to and destabilize the entire Middle East, as if we hadn't already done so. Based upon lies about WMD, nuclear weapons and the imminent ability of Saddam Hussein to launch a nuclear and/or chemical attack , we destroyed an entire country and diminished the prestige of the USA to an extend that will never, if at all be recaptured.

Yet we have both Republican and Democratic representatives and senators telling us we must see the mission though, whatever that mission may be.

We have the master criminal and most insane of them all, V. P. Cheney, still regurgitating his detritus, that anyone who opposes his policies is a traitor.

We now know, as we didn't before, that he and his cohorts, would go to any length to justify the war in Iraq, which they always knew was predicated upon fabrications and lies. Cheney himself, acting no different than a mob boss, led the attack on Joe Wilson for daring to expose the truth about Iraq attempting to purchase yellow cake from Niger, going so far as to expose an undercover CIA operatives identity.

This is treason justifying his and his boss's impeachment but criminal indictments as well. Yet we have Democratic Senators such as Joe Lieberman and his Republican pal, John McCain saying we must push on. Push on for what, eventual nuclear war with Iran. They tell us civil war will surely follow if we leave Iraq as if we all didn't know that it is exactly the situation now.

Yet around the water coolers all I hear is talk of who will make the Sweet Sixteen and the excitement of another Spring training. Are we all insane?

We have created the beginning of an Islamic Theocracy in Southern Iraq, which will be and has aligned with Iran. This is the Government we are supporting. We have put our ally, Israel, in the most precarious position they have ever been since 1947.

As a result of fear mongering we have accepted the evisceration of the Bill of Rights, the extension of the Patriot Act, torture as official US policy, illegal wiretapping and the elimination of the right of Habeas Corpus. The list goes on and on.

Yet the Democratic leaders tell us impeachment is off the table. The leading Democratic Candidate for President, Hillary Clinton, won't even admit she made a mistake in voting for the war. She has gone along with the removal of a time table for getting out of Iraq and no doubt will go along with allowing Bush to wage war against Iran without the need for congressional approval. The Supplemental War Appropriations Bill passed by the House Appropriations Committee failed to stipulate a definite time line for withdrawal. Worse, it contained no language requiring Bush to seek Congressional approval in order to attack Iran. What the hell do the Democrats think the 2006 election was about.

We will never hear Hillary call for impeachment, nor for the resignation of both Cheney and Bush. Yet, according to the Polls, she is the front runner among the Democratic aspirants for the Presidency. According to my definition she is insane. What of Obama, we know nothing about him and he likes it that way. Is it not insane that this neophyte should be another front runner when his lack of experience is so striking. This is a man who is anti consumer having voted for the Class Action Bill. He also voted to extend the Patriot Act. He is like Hillary a classic DLC Democrat. I have given and raised hundreds of thousands of dollars for these cowards and am sick of them all. They lack any spine or courage of their convictions if they ever had any.

There is no need to go through a list of the Republican contenders as all of them enabled this administration to lie us into the worst foreign policy blunder of my generation. Who would have ever thought we could be sold the Gulf of Tonkin again.

Yet we go on with our lives, the rich get richer, the poor poorer and the middle class destroyed.

Working in a professional job, I hear my colleagues discussing tennis, soccer, baseball and golf lessons for their children. To me this is not only insane but sickening.

New Orleans and the Gulf remain decimated but who cares, when we have to choose our new car, new house, new wardrobe and all things concerning conspicuous consumption.

Perhaps it is I who am insane. I spend my waking hours immersed in thoughts of the crimes of our leaders and the lack of substance of our would be leaders. I wonder why we live in a country where people such as Russ Feingold or Dennis Kucinich could never be president. Even who I consider our greatest hope, John Edwards, despite his valiant efforts , seems to be a long shot. It is because he and those like him make us look in the mirror and see us for what we are. They are willing to speak out despite the risks.

On second thought I don't think I am insane as I try to relate meaningfully to the present. I have lost my interest in "march madness", spring training, etc and think only of what I can contribute to help right our sinking ship.

To me that a politician such as Hilliary Clinton, who as Sam Rayburn once said, exemplifies the credo, you have to go along to get along, may be the Democratic nominee for President is Insane.

My only hope is that it is not too late and that leaders will emerge who will relate meaningfully to the present and refuse to tolerate the decadence and self interest of our leaders and just maybe secure our country. There is no longer any use for those politicians who go along to get along. It is time to Stand up for the Constitution and prevent the creation of a fascist State which is clearly the goal of Cheney and his criminal gang. In my humble opinion John Edwards is our only hope.

Same Old Hlillary

From The Huffington Post by E.A. Hanks

"Hillary Clinton is killing me. Slowly. It's like someone's feeding me ground glass in small increments. By the time the election is actually on, I'm going to be too dead to vote.
Every officially released apology just digs the knife a little deeper. This recent fracas with Gen. Pace declaring homosexuality "immoral" might have taken the cake.
She should have come out swinging. She should have called the kettle black and called intolerance and ignorance out, but she didn't. Instead, she offered that whether or not homosexuality is immoral is for "others to conclude." Not exactly the voice heralding a new era, is it?"

Hillary is incapable of taking a stand on anything without checking first with her consultants. If she actually wins the nomination she will lose the Presidential election not because she is a woman but because she reprsents politics as usual and the same old timid Democratic Party. I guess we will not be seeing her in the future on The Colbert Report. I am both sick and saddened by these same old DLC candidates. Can't you just go away. Don't you ever learn? There is nothing wrong about having strong individual opinions. See; Jim Webb and Sherrod Brown for example. We need leaders not followers. Hillary is a follower of the polls and her DLC consultants and will always be so. She is simply incapable of change and is quickly alienating the entire progressive base of the Party. Obama is sadly turning out to be no different.

Friday, March 16, 2007

Fred Thompson....the Democrat's dream candidate

When it comes to the race for President were so use to hearing Hillary, Obama, Edwards, McCain, Giuliani and Romney however another name is surfacing and sounds interesting, Thompson, Fred Thompson. As a Democrat, I strongly support the potential Thompson candidacy.

Thompson supports the War.

Thompson supports the Presidents surge plan.

Thompson is active with fundraising for Scotter Libby's defense fund.

Thompson has said he would pardon Libby.

Thompson is an actor whos spent more time on Law and Order then on issues affecting the nation.

I think he'll jump in and announce Sam Waterston will be his attorney general if elected, Bill Frist his former counterpart in the Senate from TN will head the SEC
(he likes stocks), Ted Haggard can be his sprituial advisor, make Libby Chief of Staff and DeLay the Vice-Presidential nominee or he might have to fight Bob Ney for that post, he'll be out soon.......but since Thompson is being so candid and showing his true colors why not just be a true Republican and put in place the team we know you want. John Dean is still alive, he can be your legal counsel. Gordon Liddy is going on the radio, Press Secretary, perhaps? There ya go....

Run Fred Run! I hope he wins the nomination, I honestly cannot wait to see this guy in a debate explain why he would pardon Libby and why he supports the War, I'll cancel any plans I have that night to see this debate!

Justice for Sean Bell

AP reports that a jury in New York on Friday indicted three of the five cops involved in the shooting death of Sean Bell, an unarmed African American on his wedding day. Officer's shot 50 shots into Bell outside of a Queens bar where Bell's bachelor party was held.

The officer's, Marc Cooper, 4 shots, Gescard Isnora, 11 shots, and Michael Oliver, 31 shots, are to surrender on Monday according to their respective attorneys. The verdict comes after three days of grand jury deliberations that had the city in suspense as they awaited the outcome and the decision comes almost four months after Sean Bell who was 23 was shot and killed, and two of his friends wounded.

"Since Nov. 25th, we have battled together. Today is a major step in the battle, whether it will be a step forward, time will tell. But one thing we can say, if you stay together and you fight, you can do what is necessary to protect children", Rev. Al Sharpton said at a news conference.

While police union officials defended the officers in this case, it was admirable to see Mayor Bloomberg meet with black leaders in the Queens neighborhood where the shooting happend in hopes of deferring tensions and riots that might outbreak due to the verdict. It was also admirable of the Mayor to meet with Rev. Sharpton following the shooting in November. Unlike the previous Mayor, Mayor Bloomberg has reached out to black leader's to ease any tensions that might outbreak.

Sharpton has said that the Bell family is not seeking revenge and should the officers be convicted, the victory would be of little meaning since Bell would still be dead. "We're looking for it to not happen again. The only way you make sure it doesn't happen again is you stop it, and you punish it and you send a signal that we live in a society where laws have to be respected. So there is no joy, no vengeance, no party here".

With the Bell case where 50 shots were fired, it's difficult to not draw comparison to the Diallo shooting where 41 shots were fired at an unarmed African American outside his apartment house in the Bronx. Diallo's family was represented by prominent New York City legal tycoon Anthony H. Gair. Gair who has a national reputation in the area of civil rights and is the most well respected personal injury attorney in NYC and one of the most well respected in the country, reached a $3 million settlement with the City of New York, the largest settlement ever paid by the city for an unemployed man with no dependents.

We must hope that these indictments carry to a conviction and a strong message is sent that officers are not above the law and if your a coward who has to shoot someone 31 times or 11 times, you don't belong in a police uniform. This is the first step in the pursuit of justice for Sean Bell.

Shame on you Joe Lieberman, Ben Nelson and Mark Pryor

US Senate Democrat's led by Harry Reid introduced a resolution calling for a withdrawl from Iraq by 2008, the resolution would of been a great step in ending this bloody masacare, unfortunatley it failed 50-48. Blame it on Mark Pryor, Ben Nelson and Joe Lieberman. Liberman is no suprise, this is the reason our party voted against him in CT in 2006, Ben Nelson is a pro life DINO who should just get it over with and join Falwell and Robertson on the other side but Pryor is a surprise.

The son of longtime Arkansas Democratic icon David Pryor is someone I thought could be the next Arkansas Democrat on a national ticket however this vote shows that Pryor who is up for re-election in 2008 puts his political career ahead of doing whats right. The only mantra, that I am from a "red state" should not be an excuse, Bill Nelson voted for the resolution, so did Pryors Arkansas colleague, Blanche Lincoln, Mary Landrieu who is up for re-election in a "red state" voted for it. Futhermore the Senator might be in a "red state", but our troops are in a bloody state and it's time for a withdrawl. I, for one, will not support Pryor in '08.

Wes Clark doesn't need to run for President, he needs to stay in Little Rock and challenge Pryor!

Red Rover, Red Rover, Mr Rove's Career Is Almost Over!

"White House political operative Karl Rove inquired about a replacement plan for US attorneys in January 2005, raising questions about who intiated the plan and when. The emails shared among officials in the office of then-outgoing White House counsel Gonzales start of Jan. 6th, by addressing "a question from Karl Rove" about how the administration "planned to proceed regarding US attorneys", according to USA TODAY.

These emails show that Rove had active discussions with the Justice Dept. regarding the removal of US attorneys. It is clear that the administration dismissed US attorneys who did not support Republican interests.

Chow baby....

As For Mr. Gonzales-The Fat Lady Sings

Raw Story has made a letter by Rep. Conyers to Bush's Toady available
"House Judiciary Committee Chairman John Conyers (D-MI) today sent a letter to US Attorney General Alberto Gonzales demanding answers to allegations that he may have advised the President to shut down an investigation of the White House's domestic wiretapping surveillance program because of his involvement with the program, according to a statement released to RAW STORY." They have the full letter here.
Hasta LaVista Baby.

Thursday, March 15, 2007


"Republican support for Attorney General Alberto Gonzales eroded further Thursday amid an intensifying furor over his role in federal prosecutor firings, as new e-mails surfaced indicating that top White House political adviser Karl Rove had an early hand in the dismissals."LAURIE KELLMAN wrote today. There is no doubt based on recently disclosed emails that Turdblossom was the leader of the conspiracy to fire the US Attorneys. The Turd is a despicable excuse for a human being. He is a traitor to our country who has consistently placed partisan politics above the interests of our Country. He is also guilty of criminal conspiracy. I think a few years in a maximum security Federal prison would do wonders for his love life. Imagine he could after several months bend over and look up his butt and see the blue Sky above. As for Gonzales he is toast. Not only will he be forced to resign "One Republican member of the House Judiciary Committee who spoke on condition of anonymity because he has not yet announced his position, said Thursday he has told White House officials that Gonzales stands no chance. The lawmaker said he expects to be among other Republicans calling for Gonzales' resignation after the attorney general tells his story on Capitol Hill."LAURIE KELLMAN. Gonzales should be joining The Turd in Federal Prison. At the very least he should be disbarred. If he is not perhaps he can find legal work at a collection agency. Again I call upon The American Bar Association to publicly censure him and demand his resignation. He is a disgrace to the legal profession and does not have the right to call himself an attorney. If The ABA, the most influential Bar association in the country does not take immediate action to call for his resignation they will have let all of their membership down. He must not be allowed to continue to contaminate the reputation of the numerous honest and diligent lawyers. It is up to The ABA to take a stand and do the right thing.
As for Turdblossom "But the day before, Gonzales' ignorance defense had already been punctured. A White House spokeswoman, Dana Perino, acknowledged that the U.S. attorneys' dismissals were preceded by a conversation between President Bush and Gonzales last October in which Bush complained that some prosecutors were not pursuing voter fraud investigations. These were, in fact, cases that Rove thought were especially important to Republicans.
Rove was the conduit for Republican political grievances about the U.S. attorneys. He was the fulcrum and the lever. He was the collector of information and the magnet of power. He was the originator, formulator and director. But, initially, according to the administration, like Gonzales, he supposedly knew nothing and did nothing." Sidney Blumenthal.

Tsongas for Congress

With Marty Meehan taking the a top post at the University of Massachusetts-Lowell, the race for his 5th district seat is off and I cannot think of a better candidate to fill that seat then Niki Tsongas. Tsongas is the widow of former US Senator and 1992 Presidential candidate Paul Tsongas who lost a battle with cancer in 1997. Paul Tsongas served the 5th District, Massachusett's and our nation well.

Though Paul Tsongas died in 1997, Niki's committment to public service did not. In addition to serving as Dean of Middlesex Community College, she has served on local boards and commissions, taken a position against the war, has advocated for the need to address global warming and spent years in Washington as a Congressional spouse. With all due respect to state Rep. Barry Feingold whos Aunt, a former state Rep in FL, I know well, I hope for the sake of the country, Tsongas wins this seat.

Alberto Gonzalez,Esq

Gonzalez is a lawyer in name only. He has never stood before a jury after putting in hundreds of hours of pre trial work and pleaded that they adequately compensate a severely injured victim of corporate malfeasance which has resulted in ruining that person's life. See John Edwards for that kind of lawyer. He has never argued in Court on behalf of a person on trial for crimes they did not commit. For that type of lawyer see Clarence Darrow or Edward Bennett Williams. He has never stood in the well and argued for the freedom of someone charged because of their political beliefs. For that type of lawyer see William Kuntsler who walked away from a lucrative corporate practice to defend the political outcasts of his generation. He never stood up to defend our First Amendment rights. For that type of lawyer see Floyd Abrams. He never prosecuted corrupt politicians or organized crime. For that type of lawyer see the many unsung assistant US attorneys who toil in relative obscurity to protect all of us. He never engaged in any pro bono work, work without compensation to defend the rights of the left behind and unjustly convicted. For that type of lawyer see Barry Scheck whose innocence project has saved the lives of numerous people unjustly convicted of murder and sentenced to death. No, this is not Mr. Gonzalez. To those of us lawyers who toil in the Courts for the rights of the unknown and unsung Gonzalez is what we refer to as a hack. Were it not for George Bush his legal carear would no doubt have been spent fighting parking tickets or doing real estate closings overcharging his clients in the process. That this man is Attorney General of The United States is a disgrace to our profession. Bush spends his time chastising trial lawyers who spend their carears toiling for the less fortunate among us while praising his AG who is not a real lawyer at all, merely a political hack. The American Bar Association should formerly call for his immediate resignation. Were he practicing in the real world he would be subject to well deserved disbarment.

Sunday, March 11, 2007

Another Republican to run?

"It's something I hope happens, we need that kind of star quality", said US Rep. Zach Wamp of Tennessee. Former US Senate Majority Leader Howard Baker is urging him to run and the talk is that the "Law and Order DA" and US Senator from Tennessee, Fred Thompson, is inching close to making a Republican Presidential run.

Thompson is the former minority counsel in the Watergate Investigation and since leaving the Senate has been raising money for Scotter Libby's legal defense fund. I don't find myself agreeing with Zach Wamp that much but I hope Thompson runs too. Watergate and now Libby, please run Fred, a Democratic Presidency would be all but official.

Obama Not So Different As He Would Have You Believe

According to The Chicago-Sun Times " Barack Obama's image managers don't want you to know about most of the donor events he is headlining -- including one tonight in Manhattan for Democratic elites where the top hosts have raised $100,000 each for Obama's White House bid."

They conclude; ."This sort of selective release of information about even what city Obama is visiting on a certain day raises questions about the credibility of Obama's claim that "we are going to transform the political process." Obama putting the kibosh on reports of his fund-raising travels is politics-as-usual. Not wrong. But not different."
Just what is it about the political process Obama intends to transform? Other than style I don't see much substance. What is his position on Tort Reform? From what I hear he thinks it is needed which implies to me a sell out to the corporate interests. His voting record is certainly not that of a progressive Democrat. We know that he voted for bill S-5 to curtail the ability of plaintiffs to file class action lawsuits against Corporations. Corporate cash anyone? He also voted in favor of the bill which Reauthorized a slightly modified version of the 2001 USA Patriot Act. He has also waffled on Iraq. Seems not much different from Hillary. Perhaps he will one day give us substance over style.

The Bush Latin American Trip-Memories of Opreation Condor

The flaunting of the Constitution by The Bush Administration, the attempted coup of Hugo Chavez, the warrant less searches and the repeal of Habeas Corpus among other crimes of this administration including rendition and torture brings back to mind Operation Condor of the 1970s during which time with direct US assistance and training by The Army School Of The Americas thousands of Latin American officers were trained in the art of torture. There is of course now no question that the US was deeply involved in the activities which included numerous assassinations of leftist politicians by US trained Condor operatives. The US aided and facilitated Condor operations as a matter of routine policy. For more on the crimes of Condor with the direct involvement of The US see "Operation Condor: Deciphering the U.S. Role." By J. Patrice Mcsherry. De ja vu all over again.

Saturday, March 10, 2007


Ann Coulter is a human, walking,talking disease and the face of the neoconservative movement. She is all that is wrong with our country. How about a new show on Fox O'Reilly and Coulter. It could give Comedy Central a run for their money except these two lunatics are quite serious and absolutely disgusting.

Joe Biden

For all his virtues lets not forget that Biden voted for the Bankruptcy Bill- His gift to the Credit Card Industry. Another sell out.

Republican Senator WARNS our Government has LIED about WAR!

What do you think Hillary? Let us know when you have checked with Paul,Jim,Bubba and the rest of your handlers.

Hillary Clinton's Opposing Statements on Iraq War

Hillary is a prepackaged Candidate by the DLC. She has no real convictions other than those that are poll driven. Chuck Hagel as spoken out more against The War than she. If you want business as usual Vote for Hillary. If you want a President who will speak his mind whatever the risk, consultants be damned there is only one choice- JOHN EDWARDS.

Re: YouTube Campaign to Impeach Bush

If I Am Not For Myself,Than Who Will Be For Me?
If I am Only For Myself,Than What Am I?
If Not Now, When?
Rabbi Hillel
IMPEACH BUSH NOW. That means you Nancy.

Michael Ratner Makes the Case for Impeachment

To The Democratic Representatives-What will it take to make you act???

Prosecutor: Dick Cheney Behind CIA Name Leak

Now that we all know the truth- Cheney was involved in a criminal conspiracy-when will he be indicted,impeached or fired by Bush

The Real Rudy Continued

In a prior post I stated it would only be a matter of time until The New York City tabloids started exposing The Rudy we here in the City know. Its begun;The International Association of Fire Fighters wrote of Rudy;

" Many people consider Rudy Giuliani "America's Mayor" and many of our members who don't, yet, know the real story, may also have a positive view of him. This letter is intended to make all of our members aware of the egregious acts Mayor Giuliani committed against our members, our fallen on 9-11, and our New York City union officers following that horrific day." The Fun has just begun.

Friday, March 9, 2007

Hagel set to announce on Monday

The only Republican in the United States Senate with the courage, conviction and good sense to question the War in Iraq and hold the Bush administration accountable will announce on Monday whether or not he will pursue the Republican nomination for President.

As a liberal Democrat and strong Edwards supporter, I would welcome Chuck Hagel's entry into the GOP primary. He brings up valid points on Iraq and will hold the blind sheep who follow Bush in the wilderness accountable when it comes to Iraq. If he doesn't run for President, I hope he seeks re-election to the Senate. Unless Bob Kerrey moves back to Nebraska and runs, the Democrat's won't win this seat and I'd rather have a Hagel in the Senate then a Bush Republican.

Can't have it both ways Mitt

Mitt Romney says he wants English taught to immigrant children in school's but in Miami, Romney is running Spanish ad's on Spanish radio stations in an attempt to appeal to Hispanic voters. So let me get this straight, you want immigrant children to learn English but you run Spanish speaking political ad's to appeal to Hispanic voters? Hmmm, so you have got two timing Newt and now double talking Mitt, should make for an interesting Republican primary next year!

Speaking Of Henry Waxman

"Valerie Plame, the CIA operative exposed after her husband criticized President Bush's march to war, will testify next week before lawmakers probing how the White House dealt with her identity, the chairman of the panel said Thursday.
Also invited to testify March 16 before the House Oversight and Government Reform Committee is Patrick Fitzgerald, who this week won conviction of I. Lewis "Scooter" Libby of obstruction and perjury in the case, said Chairman Henry Waxman, D-Calif.
Waxman said Plame has accepted the invitation and Fitzgerald has not responded. In a letter to the prosecutor, Waxman proposed a meeting with ranking Republican Tom Davis
of Virginia to discuss the terms of any testimony." From The Huffington Post. Thank you Henry.

So much For The Bill Of Rights

Under The leadership of King George we have truly become a fascist country all but abandoning The Constitution.

"The Justice Department’s inspector general has prepared a scathing report criticizing how the F.B.I. uses a form of administrative subpoena to obtain thousands of telephone, business and financial records without prior judicial approval." From The New York Times.

Attorney General Alberto R. Gonzales has turned The Department of Justice into a Political arm for the Bush Administration. My prediction is that he will be forced to resign and hopefully wind up disbarred and in jail where he can keep Libby Company. The stench of the last six years is finally rising to the top.
Fortunately we do have a few Democratic Representatives such as Henry Waxman who will see to it that the Stink is fully exposed;

" In the altered landscape that is Washington, there's a new contender for the title of Scariest Guy in Town. He stands 5 ft. 5, speaks softly and has all the panache of your parents' dentist. But when it comes to putting powerful people on the hot seat, there's no one tougher and more tenacious than veteran California Congressman Henry Waxman. In the Democrats' wilderness years, Waxman fashioned himself as his party's chief inquisitor. Working with one of the most highly regarded staffs on Capitol Hill, he has spent the past eight years churning out some 2,000 headline-grabbing reports, blasting the Bush Administration and the Republican Congress on everything from faulty prewar intelligence and flaws in missile defense to the flu-vaccine shortage and arsenic in drinking water." From Time

By the time Waxman gets done we may actually be able to breath fresh air again and all of the insidious machinations of the Bush years Will have been exposed. This is what a real representative of all the people does. Were there not more Henry Waxmans.

Gingrich had affair during Clinton probe

The hypocrisy never stops with these people. These pious individuals of the far right, homophobes and fake evangelicals have no moral compass.

" WASHINGTON - Former House Speaker Newt Gingrich acknowledged he was having an extramarital affair even as he led the charge against
President Clinton over the Monica Lewinsky affair, he acknowledged in an interview with a conservative Christian group.
"The honest answer is yes," Gingrich, a potential 2008 Republican presidential candidate, said in an interview with Focus on the Family founder James Dobson to be aired Friday, according to a transcript provided to The Associated Press. "There are times that I have fallen short of my own standards. There's certainly times when I've fallen short of God's standards."' Yahoo News

Newt, you have no standards. You and the rest of your crowd are complete phonies who pray in church on Sundays and on the rest of us for the remainder of the week. My advise is to meet with Jimmy Swaggert and discuss your sins. While your at it why don't you come clean with the rest of your sins.

Thursday, March 8, 2007

I, Lewis Libby

By Marty Kaplan at The Huffington Post

"If I did it, it was because Cheney channeled Jack the Ripper.
I've never seen him as crazed as he was that day that Joe Wilson's op-ed ran. Actually, I've never seen anyone that rabid.
Cheney said that if the uranium/Saddam/al-Qaeda connection unraveled, then our whole case for the Iraq war would come undone."
Read ON.

Gonzales Yields On Hiring Interim U.S. Attorneys

From The Washington Post

" Attorney General Alberto R. Gonzales agreed yesterday to change the way U.S. attorneys can be replaced, a reversal in administration policy that came after he was browbeaten by members of the Senate Judiciary Committee still angry over the controversial firings of eight federal prosecutors.
Gonzales told
Sen. Patrick J. Leahy (D-Vt.) and other senior members of the committee that the administration will no longer oppose legislation limiting the attorney general's power to appoint interim prosecutors. Gonzales also agreed to allow the committee to interview five top-level Justice Department officials as part of an ongoing Democratic-led probe into the firings, senators said after a tense, hour-long meeting in Leahy's office suite."

Keep on Investigating. Eventually these neo fascists will all be exposed.

White House conceeds Iraq nuclear threat based on bogus info

The Lies Go ON And On And On.


Have We At Long Last Had Enough. Indict Them All

Bush's America


George Bush: Worst President Ever


State of the Union

What Bush Has Wrought. Impeach Him Now

Wednesday, March 7, 2007


I. Scooter Libby has been found guilty in the CIA leak trial. Four guity verdicts were read against the former top aide to Vice President Cheney. Libby leaked the name of CIA agent Valerie Plame and could face up to 25 years in prison as well as a $1 million fine, that is if President Bush doesn't pardon him.

I am hoping Libby will serve his term, he deserves to be punished however if the President does offer a pardon, I can think of about 20 House seat's that go Democratic in 2008 and would bet anything on a Democratic Presidency.

Monday, March 5, 2007

Tom Eagleton would of made a great Vice-President

I just wanted to pay a short tribute to former US Senator Tom Eagleton (D-MO), who died Sunday at age 77. Eagleton served as US Senator from Missouri from 1969-87, in the Senate he was a strong opponent of the Vietnam War. Eagleton was George McGovern's choice for Vice-President in 1972, serving as the Democratic nominee for a mere 18 days. Eagleton was forced off the ticket after it was revealed that he had undergone treatment of severe depression. I often asked myself, why was Eagleton forced off the ticket? Isn't it a good thing to recognize a problem and seek treatment? After asking myself, I finally asked George McGovern in a letter I wrote to him about twelve years ago. McGovern replied with a post card that had a picture of himself and his wife, I presume from the Senate days, looked like it was from the '70's, it was yellow and old and simply said, "All good wishes from George and Eleanor McGovern". Didn't get my answer but I will say I think Tom Eagleton would of made a great Vice-President. Rest in peace Senator.

Sunday, March 4, 2007

The Court is on the line too

With the upcoming Presidential race, we hear about Iraq, the course Iraq will take under the next President, the direction Iraq will move in, and more about Iraq, of course for good reason. Interestingly what I haven't heard enough about is, the Supreme Court, the direction the Court will take under a new President who will probably have the opportunity to appoint two new Supreme Court Justices.

When President Bush was asked who he most admired on the court, Bush often refer's to Antonin Scalia. Scalia, appointed by President Reagan, a strong opponent of abortion rights, was a key factor in giving Bush the White House. In matter of fact it is noted that Bush considered Scalia when choosing a Chief Justice to replace William Renquist. With the death of Renquist and retirement of Sandra Day O'Connor, Bush appointed Justice's who in some sense or another represented the conservative ideals set forth by Scalia when appointing John Roberts and Samuel Alito, both regarded as conservative Jurists. There is a remote possibility that during the term of the next President both Ruth Bader Ginsburg and John Paul Stevens will step down. When looking for a new Justice, I would hope the next President would look for someone who resembles Benjamin Cardozo.

Benjamin Cardozo was appointed to the Supreme Court by President Hoover after serving on the New York State Supreme Court with his election in 1913 and the New York State Court of Appeals where he also served as Chief Judge. On the Court of Appeals his ruling's were mainly in regard to tort and contract law.

In 1932, President Hoover recognizing his brilliant legal mind and acumen as well as service on New York Courts, appointed Cardozo to succeed Oliver Wendell Holmes. Upon Cardozo's appointment, the New York Times, wrote, "seldom, if ever, in the history of the Court been so universally commended". Clarence C. Dill, a Democratic US Senator from Washington called Hoover's appointment of Cardozo, "the finest act of his career as President". The faculty of the University of Chicago Law School called for Cardozo's appointment and confirmation, the deans of law school's at Yale, Harvard, and Columbia followed suit. Justice Harlan Fisk Stone offered to resign to make room for Cardozo.

"In truth, I am nothing but a plodding mediocrity-please observe, a plodding medocrity-for a mere medocrity does not go very far, but a plodding one get's quite a distance. There is joy in that success, and a distinction can come from courage, fidelity and industry", words Cardozo used to describe himself during his lifetime.

Justice Cardozo was one of the most brilliant legal minds in history. He commanded the respect of his peers and was a man of impeccable character. If the next President is awarded the opportunity to appoint a Supreme Court Justice we can only hope that the next President will look to someone in the mold of Benjamin Cardozo.

Ann Coulter Calls John Edwards

AND HERE SHE IS INSANITY IN ACTION JOINED BY Sam Brownback,Mike Huckabee, Mitt Romney et al

Saturday, March 3, 2007

Morgenthau vs Snyder Round II......

It's still over a year away, we still have a Presidential race to get through, the battle for Congress, and then a Mayor's race to prepare for but could 2009 also bring Morgenthau vs Snyder part II? Neither has publicly committed to a campaign for Manhattan District Attorney but the longtime popular DA has not shown any signs of slowing down and you know the former Judge must be watering at the mouth for a rematch.

Morgenthau who has was first elected Manhattan DA in 1974 after being defeated in a 1962 run for Governor has been called, "the premier justice figure in the country". Before becoming Manhattan DA, Morgenthau spent nearly a decade as US Attorney and is approaching a half a century as the top prosecutor in New York. Morgenthau interestingly comes from one of the nation's most prominent Jewish families. His father, Henry Morgenthau, served as Treasury Secretary from 1933-45, most of FDR's Presidency. In addition to serving as DA, Morgenthau serves as Chairman of the Jewish Hertiage Museum's board of director's and has served as trustee of Temple Emanu-El on Fifth Avenue.

Morgenthau's days as US Attorney began in 1961 with his appointment from President John F. Kennedy. As US Attorney, Morgenthau prosecuted stock swindlers, opened Swiss bank secrecy laws, and started a securities fraud unit. A successful US Attorney, Morgenthau won all of his important cases. As DA Morgenthau has an amazing ability to handle complex investigations turning them into manageable trials and eventual convictions.

When Morgenthau won election as Manhattan DA upon the death of longtime DA Frank Hogan, Manhattan was called the most dangerous of the five boroughs. Today, Morgenthau's officer says the borough is safer then Brooklyn, the Bronx, and Queens.

Leslie Crocker Snyder, a well respected former Judge appointed as Judge of the Criminal Court of New York City in 1983 by former Mayor Ed Koch, ran a respectable and formidable campaign against the longtime DA in 2005 earning the support of the New York Times and is positioning herself to do so again in 2009. Troubling to me, unlike Morgenthau and myself for that matter, Snyder supports the death penalty. She also has been critical of Morgenthau devoting a large amount of time to white collar crimes which I believe has given him a key role in overseeing the integrity of financial instituions and protecting consumers.

Snyder as she was in 2005 will be a well qualified and formidable opponent in 2009 if Morgenthau runs of course. Like 2005, this should be an interesting and heated showdown however Robert Morgenthau has, continues to and I hope will continue to serve New York County well as DA.

Council Members eye open Comptroller's race

With New York City Comptroller Bill Thompson all but formally declaring that he will run for Mayor of New York City in 2009, the race to succeed him is moving ahead in full swing. Four New York City Council member's have expressed interest in the race.

Queens Democrat David Weprin who is Chairman of the Finance Committee has declared that he will run. Melinda Katz, a fellow Queens Democrat who challenged Anthony Weiner in 1998 for an open US House seat in the Democratic primary is eyeing the race and John Liu, also from Queens doesn't know if he wants to be Mayor, Public Advocate or Comptroller yet.

The fourth candidate, a Councilman from Brooklyn, stand's in my opinion the only qualified candidate for this position and will have my strong support if he decides to run, Simcha Felder. Councilman Felder served as Chief of Staff for Assmeblyman Dov Hikind, holds a BS degree in accounting from Touro College and is a CPA and, Professor of Management at Brooklyn College. In addtion he has served as an auditor for the New York City Department of Finance. Councilman Felder has a better understanding of this position then any of his potential opponents and would not use the position as a stepping stone to higher office but would provide effective and strong leadership for New York City as Comptroller.

In a race that should draw much attention, I say Simcha Felder is the guy to watch!

History in the makings in Brooklyn?

In a little over a year and a half, the winner of the Democratic primary will most likely become Brooklyn's next Borough President. In the past all of Brooklyn's Borough President's have been white men. Over the years, Brooklyn's black primary vote has increased making a real possibility that any black candidate running could have a very good chance of winning. Just look at the victories of black judicial candidates in borough-wide races, five judicial primaries in King's County.

The Borough Presidency is more of less a title of prestige. The President makes $135,000 a year, maintains a posh sometime palatial office, has a driver, makes appointments to boards and committees, and advises the Mayor on issues important to their respective Borough. However, when you consider that two Borough President's, Robert Wagner and David Dinkins have gone onto become Mayor, that is where history could be in the makings in Brooklyn. Brooklyn Borough President Marty Markowitz is expected to be a very formidable candidate in the 2009 race for Mayor and who knows in 2017, the next President could be a formidable candidate, could be elected and may very well be an African American.

The list of would be candidates is impressive. Assemblyman Nick Perry who ran for and later withdrew from the US House Dist. 11 Democratic primary in 2006, has filed his intent to run with the NYC Board of Elections. Perry, who was born in Jamaica will have appeal to the Caribbean American voting base which could propel his chances.

State Senator Velmanette Montgomery is also rumored to be interested in this race as well as the famous Charles Barron of the New York City Council. Barron has also displayed interest in running for Congress in 2008 in District 10 against Ed Towns. If Towns were to defeat him and he probably would as Charles Rangel defeated Assemblyman Adam Clayton Powell a few years back in a primary challenge, Barron could still bounce back and run for Borough President in 2009. Senator Montgomery on the other hand who defeated former City Councilwoman Tracy Boyland in the last primary has strong support among progressive whites living in downtown Brooklyn which could propel her chances.

Then theres Letica James who is also in a very good position of becoming the first African American Speaker of the New York City Council. Rumor has it that James also has digs on the Dist. 10 seat in Congress and has expressed interest in the Borough Presidency though she is not likley to run against Montgomery given their friendship.

Add NYC Councilman Al Vann who is term limited and NYS Assemblywoman Annette Robinson and you have quite a race in the making. Many are hoping that Vann will retire but he just might want to screw with everyone and throw his name into the race.

Inject a latino candiate into this race and all the others could be history before the race even get's started. However a Brooklyn race in 2009 that produces an African American President could very well produce an African American Mayor in a future New York City race and you could have history in the makings in Brooklyn...

From the Halls of Congress to the Halls of City Hall...doesn't happen often

While many Democrat's are focused, and of course for good reason, on the 2008 Democratic Presidential Primary, now getting into full swing, (first televised debate is in a month), I find myself more and more interested in what I believe will be an exciting race for Mayor in the big apple. For the first time in eight years, it appears as though the Republican's will not have a viable candidate for the City's top post and the winner of the Democratic Primary could very well be the next Mayor.

A few days ago I wrote of Congressman Weiner and his possible bid for Gracice Mansion. Here are a few quick facts for the young Congressman from Queens that might be passed onto him by a reader who is a supporter. The road from Congress to City Hall is not that easy.

In 1999, longtime US Congressman Bobby Rush lost a primary challenge to Richard Daley. Rush launched a late starting campaign to the legendary Mayor and after losing was challenged for the Democratic nomination in 2000 for his US House seat by a then young novice state Senator named Barack Obama. Many believed that Rush had lost his desire to serve in Congress and Obama came out as a strong primary challenger only to be defeated by Rush 61-30.

John Conyers, a legend in Detriot serving nearly a quater-century in the US House, ran for Mayor of Detriot in 1989. Depsite his long service in Congress and standing in Detriot, he won 18% of the vote. In 1993, things weren't much better, in a second attempt to become Mayor he won 3% in a race won by Dennis Archer.

Xavier Becerra had represented Los Angeles in the US House since 1992 when he decided to run for Mayor of that City in 2001. In an attempt to become Mayor he received just 6% losing to a State Assembly Speaker and Board of Supervisors member in the Democratic primary.

It's not like 1965 when Congressman John Lindsey entered the race for Mayor after serving in Congress. A liberal Republican who had represented Manhattan in Congress since 1958, Lindsay easily defeated Democratic Comptroller Abe Beame and National Review Founder William Buckley, Jr. becoming the first Republican since 1945 to govern New York City. Lindsey left office in 1973, an unpopular Mayor, he should of stayed in Congress.

1977 brought another Manhattan Congressman to City Hall. Koch defeated a young Manhattan attorney named Mario Cuomo only to be defeated himself in a 1989 primary by a Manhattan Borough President named David Dinkins.

Not since Ed Koch's election has anyone gone from Congess to City Hall in New York City. With the exception of Bill Boner in Nashville in 1987 and Steve Bartlett in Dallas in 1991, not one US House member has gone from the Hall's of Congress to the Hall's of City Hall.

As Tip O'Neil said, "all politics is local". New York City Democrat's went with the local guy in their '05 Mayoral primary, chances are they'll stick with the local guy in '09.

Ann Coulter calls John Edwards 'faggot'

Ann Coulter is without question INSANE. What is even more insane is the fact that the main stream media actually takes her seriously as a Political Commentator. This is once again indicative of the Republican bias of the MSM. The only place where quotes from Ms. Coulter should be found are in the pages of the National Enquirer or similar rags. Yet Ms. Coulter keeps popping up on shows such as Hardball, etc. She is a joke and an embarrassment and definitely ill. Websters defines insanity as follow;

" 1: a deranged state of the mind usually occurring as a specific disorder (as schizophrenia)2: such unsoundness of mind or lack of understanding as prevents one from having the mental capacity required by law to enter into a particular relationship, status, or transaction or as removes one from criminal or civil responsibility3 a: extreme folly or unreasonableness b: something utterly foolish or unreasonable"

This describes Ms. Coulter as well as anything else. Why does the MSM feel compelled to report on the statements of this obviously ill woman. The answer is of course obvious. Hopefully this anorexic nut will fade off into well deserved oblivion. It could not happen soon enough.



Presidential Hopefuls Offer Their BS!


The Real Rudy

From The New York Times

"Andrew Giuliani has been at his father’s side in campaign commercials and inaugurations since he was a toddler, famously bounding across the stage in a rambunctious manner and mimicking his father’s rhetorical flourishes during Mr. Giuliani’s 1994 mayoral inauguration.
But Mr. Giuliani’s relationship with Andrew has grown strained and distant since his very public and bitter divorce from Andrew’s mother,
Donna Hanover, and his marriage to Judith Nathan, according to Andrew and others familiar with the relationship.
In a telephone interview yesterday, Andrew, a sophomore and member of the golf team at
Duke University, acknowledged having had difficulties with Ms. Nathan, and said that he and his father had recently tried to reconcile after not speaking “for a decent amount of time.”
“There’s obviously a little problem that exists between me and his wife,” the younger Mr. Giuliani said. “And we’re trying to figure that out. But as of right now it’s not working as well as we would like.” '

"Similarly, a distance appears to have developed between Mr. Giuliani and his daughter, now a high school senior who is to attend Harvard University in September.
The familial tensions come as Mr. Giuliani prepares to run for president and as other Republican contenders deploy their children as campaign assets."

Those of us who live in NYC should not be surprised. Rudy has always been a venal, vindictive self absorbed man who cares only about Rudy. His reputation as US Attorney in NY was one of an arrogant self promoting man who was impossible to work for. All his actions were geared to furthering his own Political Carear. Lets not forget that as Mayor Bernie Kerrick was his right hand man. He fired the best Police Commissioner in recent memory, Bill Bratton, because he was jealous of the attention Bratton was getting. Make no mistake it was Bill Bratton and John Timmony who devised the policing strategy which drastically lowered the City crime rate not Rudy. Once the NYC tabloids seriously get involved in the race they will go after Rudy with a vengeance, especially NewsDay. It is only a matter of time until the rest of the Country know what we here in NYC know; Rudy is not Presidential Material but a self promoting vicious man who will stop at nothing to get what he wants. His despicable treatment of Donna Hanover is just the tip of the ice berg. Rudy will self destruct despite what Chris "Tweety Bird" Mathews has been declaring on his show "Soft Ball".