Saturday, June 6, 2015

Alan Grayson for Senate

Marco Rubio's decision to run for President is setting off an expected frenzy for his open US Senate seat in Florida. One Republican a tea party darling Congressman Ron DeSantis has entered the GOP primary with Lt. Gov. Carlos Lopez Cantera expected to soon join. On the Democratic side moderate Jupiter Congressman Patrick Murphy a Republican turned Democrat has filed to run with Progressive Orlando Congressman Alan Grayson expected to soon jump in. Grayson one of the most progressive members of Congress who introduced the Public Option Act as part of the health care bill in the House is the ideal progressive to serve and represent Florida in the Senate. He introduced the War is Making You Poor Act and has been an outspoken critic of the wars in Afghanistan and Iraq. An accomplished economist and graduate of Harvard Law School as well as the JFK School of Government and Public Policy, Grayson would be a great addition to a go along to get along Senate.

Monday, June 1, 2015

Bernie Sanders will win Iowa

He looks like an old college professor and will probably not win the Democratic nomination or the Presidency but he is going to give Hillary a wild ride. His name is Bernie Sanders! When I heard that Sanders was mulling a bid a few months ago, I thought no way! If anyone is going to give Hillary a mild challenge, it will be O'Malley. Fast forward, Sanders is gaining momentum, drawing huge crowds and is generating excitement and interest among the liberal base. Sanders will win Iowa, I predict it! He will continue to draw Progressives into his corner in Iowa and take Iowa. I think Hillary will be the nominee but Sanders is going to be on her heels. Who would of thought?

Sunday, April 26, 2015

McCollum for US Senate 2016?

Former Florida Congressman and Attorney General Bill McCollum is said to be contemplating a third, yes third, run for the US Senate. Those of you outside of Florida may remember McCollum as one of the Clinton impeachment managers in the House who lost a close Senate race to Bill Nelson in FL in 2000. McCollum took four years off and tried again for the seat of retiring Sen. Bob Graham, losing a bitter primary to Bush HUD Secretary and eventual Senator Mel Martinez. In 2006 McCollum gave up on Washington politics and set his sights on Tallahassee successfully running for state Attorney General and in 2010 fell narrowly short in his bid for the Republican nomination for Governor, losing to eventual Florida Gov. Rick Scott. McCollum now a lobbyist is making calls regarding the seat being left open by the Presidential ambition of Florida Senator Marco Rubio. This would be McCollum's third try for the Senate and and fifth run for statewide office. McCollum has made four statewide runs going 1 for 4, in a weak GOP field who knows, the 70 yr old former Congressman might actually have a shot and how interesting he will be running in a year that a Clinton is atop the Dem ticket in FL. Stay tuned!

Monday, January 12, 2015

Ryan passes on Presidential run

Wisconsin Congressman and 2012 Republican VP nominee Paul Ryan announced this morning that he will not run for President in 2016 opting to remain in the House and continue to serve as Ways and Means Chairman. Ryan who was Mitt Romney's running mate in 2012 and tried to persuade Jeb Bush to run in 2012 is avoiding a potential showdown against the two potential Presidential candidates. Bush has formed a leadership PAC with a Presidential announcement expected in the spring and Romney is said to be toying with a third Presidential run. Romney/Ryan 2016?? Stay tuned.....

Thursday, September 25, 2014

Jim Webb 2016

Former Virginia Senator Jim Webb sounds more and more like a guy ready to jump into the 2016 Presidential Democratic primary. Webb a former Reagan Navy Secretary and one term US Senator from Virginia has been making the rounds presenting himself as the anti war candidate and an alternative to Hillary. Webb can certainly match Clinton on the national security front being a former Navy Secretary and under a Republican President to boot. He opposed the Iraq War in 2002 which is a litmus test for progressive voters. He hails from the swing state of Virginia and will certainly point that out on the campaign trail. He is a one term Senator who will present himself as a maverick and outside. In Washington long enough to know how the town works and ready to fix could be his campaign mantra. He supports gay right, gay marriage, abortion rights and opposes Don't ask, don't tell. Martin O'Malley is gearing up his operation in Iowa. He reminds me of a liberal Tim Pawlenty. Then we have Bernie Sanders, anyone remember Gene McCarthy. We can't forget Mark Warner, really, a DLC Democrat winning Iowa, South Carolina, nah. Joe Biden of course is in the 2nd tier behind Hillary but can the Vice President distinguish himself from Hillary being that he served in the same administration. Jim Webb can and that's why I think he is a serious problem for Hillary, her road block to the nomination if you would say.

Friday, August 22, 2014


Hillary Clinton hasn't made her intentions for 2016 known yet however speculation is rampant on who her running mate will be should she run. No, its not Mark Warner making the rumor mill. Not Joe Manchin either. It's President Obama's new HUD Secretary, the former Mayor of San Antonio and the 2012 DNC Keynote speaker Julian Castro is drawing the most speculation as a potential Clinton running mate. At 39 Castro is young, Hispanic and from a key swing state, Texas. If Castro is viewed as bringing Texas to the Dem column he is certain to be tapped for VP regardless the nominee. If Marco Rubio or Ted Cruz are on the GOP ticket or lead the GOP ticket, Castro's stock rises even more. For now its HUD Sec Castro, 2017 it could be Vice President Castro!

Thursday, March 27, 2014

Bernie Sanders for President 2016

Forget Hillary! Forget Biden! Stay in NY Governor Cuomo! I have my candidate for President picked out, Vermont Senator Bernie Sanders!! You ask Bernie Sanders? The socialist from Vermont who is 72, doesn't register in polls and isn't even a Democrat though he caucuses with Senate Democrats? That Bernie Sanders?? YES that Bernie Sanders is who I will campaign my heart out for and vote for in the FL Democratic primary should he decide to join the Democratic race for President and after listening to him on Thom Hartman a few months ago and MSNBC a few weeks ago, the Vermont Senator sounds like he is close to jumping in and why not? Who else is out there in the Democratic field talking about the huge disparity between rich and poor in this country? Who else is advocating for single payer health care? Sanders founded the Congressional Progressive Caucus in the House! He voted against the use of force against Iraq in 1991 and 2002 and opposed the invasion of Iraq in 2003. Who else will challenge Hillary from the left? Look I follow politics and I know politics, conventional wisdom is, no matter who runs in 2016, Hillary is the heavy favorite for the Democratic nomination and will have strong financial backing as well as a national following. However unlike 2008, Hillary might be inclined to take a progressive challenge more seriously and position herself more to the left and in tune with Progressive voters. Afterall progressive's not the DLC gave Barack Obama the Dem nomination in 2008. I share many of Sander's concerns, I think he is a great US Senator and I will support him for President in 2016 should he elect to run and for the sake of the party, country and Hillary, I hope he does.

Tuesday, February 4, 2014

Andrews to leave Congress

Rob Andrews is making news in New Jersey politics today announcing that he will resign from Congress effective February 18th to accept a job with a Philadelphia law firm. Andrews had sought higher office in the past running for governor in 1997 losing the Democratic primary to then state Senator Jim McGreevey and then a 2008 Democratic US Senate primary to then longtime US Senator Frank Lautenberg. As of late Andrews has been the target of an investigation regarding the use of campaign funds from his leadership PAC to fund personal travel. Andew's denies this is why he is leaving Congress.

Sunday, January 19, 2014


Monday, September 2, 2013

De blasio the front runner

New York City Public Advocate Bill De blasio is now the front runner for the Democratic nomination for Mayor of New York City with 8 days to go until primary day. This is a remarkable development given the fact that De blasio was lagging in third only a month or two ago. Now De Blasio leads the pack with 32%, Bill Thompson is locked in 2nd with Christine Quinn at 18% and 17% respectively. The candidate will have to break 40% to avoid a runoff. The remarkable thing here is that Quinn the NY City Council Speaker with a $5 million war chest was all but annoited to become the next Mayor when she jumped into the race and now shes in third. So how did De blasio shoot from no where to front runner? He tapped into the liberal base of the Democratic party and energized the base behind him. De blasio who served on the NY City Council before becoming Public Advocate in 2009 has taken progressive positions during the course of the campaign and is a true progressive Democrat who like Bill Thompson who I am supporting would serve the City of New York well.

Thursday, August 1, 2013

Elliot Spitzer- "Colossal Failure"

Monday, July 29, 2013

Another political comeback in NY?? WTF?

First Anthony Weiner enters the race for Mayor. Then Eliot Spitzer jumps into the race for Comptroller. Now ex NY Governor David Paterson is hinting that he might run for Congress if Charlie Rangel's retires from his Harlem based seat. WTF? Is this the year of political comebacks in NY? Paterson represented Rangel's House district in the state Senate before being tapped for Lt. Governor by then Attorney General Eliot Spitzer and would be a very strong candidate for Rangel's House seat if the seat is open. NY Assemblyman Keith Wright of Harlem is also seen as a potential candidate for an open Rangel House seat. If Rangel retires, this could be a race.

Clintons want Weiner out

According to former Clinton Press Secretary Dee Dee Myers and reports from ABC news, former President Bill Clinton and his wife former Secretary of State Hillary Clinton would like to see Anthony Weiner exit the race for New York City Mayor. Mr. Weiner's wife, Huma Abedin was a top aide to Hillary. Myers told a Sunday talk show, "This isn't a story that anybody, particulary the Clinton's are happy to see splashed over the front page and all over the new relentlessly-and I think they, as much as anyone, would like to see this go away". Weiner shot back by saying that he doesn't care what others think, only the voter's of New York City. Well, Mr. Weiner, you sit at 16%, I think it's obvious what the voter's of New York City think.

Weiner slips;deBlasio and Thompson gain in new poll

A very interesting race for New York City Mayor has become even more interesting with new poll numbers showing former Congressman Anthony Weiner losing ground among NYC Democratic voters. According to a Quinnipiac poll Christine Quinn continues to lead with 27% followed by Public Advocate Bill de Blasio at 21%, Bill Thompson at 20%, Weiner at 16%, and John Liu at 6%. It appears as though the real race is for the opportunity to take on front runner Christine Quinn in the runoff and its shaping up between de Blasio and Thompson who are virtually in a dead heat. Just a few months or even weeks ago, Thompson was a distant third and de Blasio didn't even show up on the radar. Poll's I have seen show Thompson defeating Quinn in a Democratic runoff. I have not seen any polling data regarding a de Blasio vs Quinn runoff. With six weeks to go this race is wide open and Anthony Weiner is seeing his long held ambitions of becoming Mayor slip away.

Sunday, July 28, 2013

Scott Stringer for NYC Comptroller

Eliot Spitzer need not apply as NY Democrat's are making it known that Manhattan Borough President Scott Stringer is their choice to lead New York City as the next Comptroller. Stringer is also my choice to oversee's the city's finances. Up until roughly four weeks ago, Stringer looked poised to become the City's next Comptroller as the only Democrat running for this citywide post. Eliot Spitzer's political ambitions and eagerness to get back into the arena changed all of this in a day. Not only does Spitzer who has never served in a citywide office or as a Borough President lack an understanding of the inner working's of City Hall, he is putting his personal ambition and zeal for power ahead of whats best for the City of New York. Leader's in New York recognize Stringer's committment to the City and have endorsed him. Sen. Gillibrand said, "I believe Scott Stringer is clearly the best choice to serve New Yorker's as the next Comptroller of the City of New York". Former City Comptroller's Holtzman, Thompson and Goldin have all endorsed Stringer. Stringer has been a progressive on civil rights, housing, public safety, jobs and economic development. As Borough President, he successfully increased LGBT representation among Manhattan's 12 community boards. He is a trustee of the Board of the New York City's Retirement System and is responsible for protecting the retirement security of current and former city employees. Stringer will bring a well mannered demeanor as well as a much needed willingness to work with other's to the office of Comptroller. In Sept. New York City voter's choose between a confrontational go at it alone disgraced former state Attorney General and Governor or a Borough President with a proven record who can successfully represent the city's interests as Comptroller.

For Mayor of New York City: Thompson is the adult in the room

The Democratic nominee for Mayor of New York City will most likely become the city's next Mayor. I am following this race with great interest and have no doubt that Bill Thompson is not only qualified and deserving of the Democratic nomination, he should be the next Mayor of the City of New York. In a race that has been dominated by Anthony Weiner's sexting headlines, Thompson is the adult in the room. As City Comptroller Thompson managed a budget of $68 million and a staff of 700 professionals. He has served on the New York City Board of Education and with Rudy Giuliani's support led the board as President. When Christine Quinn supported Mayor Bloomberg's successful endeavor to change city charter's and run for a third term as Mayor, Bill Thompson stepped forward to challenge the Mayor when no other Democrat wanted too. Despite being outspent by about $80 million, Thompson came within 4 points of defeating Bloomberg. The United Federation of Teachers is backing Bill Thompson referring to him as a partner who will help teachers help children. On health care, education, housing, stop and frisk, Thompson has been a Progressive voice and is well prepared to lead as the next Mayor. A Quinn Mayoral term would in essence be a fourth term for Mayor Bloomberg. Anthony Weiner cannot win a runoff against Quinn and primary polling is showing a 3 way race between Quinn, Weiner and Thompson. Thompson is the progressive choice for Mayor and the right choice. I hope NYC Democrat's will back Thompson in Sept. Look at his record. Look at what hes done on the NYC Board of Education. As a two term Cityide executive. He's well prepared to lead the city.

Thursday, July 25, 2013

Weiner should exit race

A few weeks ago I wrote expressing my support for former Congressman Anthony Weiner's bid for New York City Mayor. I am writing today to express my profound disappointment, disgust and to call on Weiner to exit the Mayor's race. Weiner is turning the Democratic primary for Mayor of the largest city in the world, the financial capital of the country into a supermarket tabloid diverting attention from the issues important to the city. Shame on Weiner for bringing his baggage into this Mayoral primary. Weiner knew damm well there were more women, more pictures, more tweets and it would become an issue. He selfishly put his Mayoral ambitions ahead of the city. While I don't care that he sent pictures or tweets, I seriously question his judgement and have to say New York City can do better then Anthony Weiner. Weiner should exit the race and allow the conversation to refocus on the issues important to New York City that will face the next Mayor.

Tuesday, July 9, 2013

Eliot Spitzer steps back into politics

So disgraced former NY Governor and Attorney General Eliot Spitzer want's to be the next New York City Comptroller. Spitzer announced last week that he will gather signatures to qualify for the September primary ballot and the opportunity to take on Manhattan Borough President Scott Stringer. Spitzer doesn't seem to care that Stringer a former state Assemblyman elected Borough President in 2001 has been campaigning aggressively, raising money and lining up support for months. Spitzer doesn't seem to care that Stringer has been in city politics since 2001 and is well versed and prepared to assume the office of Comptroller. No, of course not, Spitzer is wealthy, very wealthy, politically ambitious and want's to be part of the poltical action. Poor Eliot has no where to go however but the Comptroller's office. Andrew Cuomo who harbor's presidential ambitions and is certain to run in 2016 if Hillary opts out, will most likely be re-elected Governor in 2014 and would starve off a primary challenge from Spitzer. Neither of one of New York's Democratic held Senate seats are up for election so Eliot Spitzer the man who harbored ambitions of becoming the first Jewish President will run for NYC Comptroller and hope to make a bid for Mayor in eight years. At least he hopes. I think New York City voter's will see through this, I am hope that the NY Times a well respected paper certainly will and offer their endorsement to Scott Stringer. A sleeper Comptroller's race has become closely watched overnight thanks to the self serving political ambitions of Eliot Spitzer.

Saturday, June 22, 2013

Howard Dean for President 2016?

This is like a dream and music to my ears, former Vermont Governor Howard Dean who ran for the Democratic nomination in 2004 on a platform of opposing the war and implementing health care reform is considering a 2016 bid for the White House. The liberal former Vermont Governor and DNC Chairman told CNN, "never say never". He went onto say, "I am not driven by my own ambition", he tells CNN's Peter Hamby. "What I am driven by is pushing the country in a direction that it desperatley needs to be pushed; pushing other politicians who aren't quite as frank as I am who need to be more candid with the American people about what needs to happen". Dean invented the netroots and grassroots raising an impressive $50 million for his presidential campaign and building a huge network especially among college students and progressives. He opposed the war, emphasized fiscal responsibility, health care reform and took on the Democratic leadership in Washington, the Democratic Congress that gave Bush the authorization to go to war. I loved this guy in 2003/04 and believe he would of wiped the floor with Bush in a debate and would of been elected President had he won the nomination in 2004. The problem with Democrats back then was they went for the safe guy, the guy with experience, the politically astute aloof longtime Senator from Massachusetts and they lost. In 2008 they went again conventional wisdom and progressive's won with the nomination of Barack Obama and shockingly the liberal candidate won. Dems played it safe in 2000 and 2004 losing both elections, they went against conventional wisdom in 2008 and won and I say if Dean runs go against conventional wisdom again, nominate him and we win. At this point from my posts you can tell I favor Martin O'Malley, hes the mini Dean, but if Deans runs, well why go with silver when you can have the gold. I love Howard Dean, respect him, admire him and will support him if he runs!

Tuesday, June 4, 2013

The race to replace Lautenberg

Senator Frank Lautenberg died early Monday morning yet the November special election race to replace him as New Jersey's next US Senator is well underway. New Jersey Governor Chris Christie who will appear on the November ballot as well with appoint an interim US Senator who will most likely be a Republican and a candidate for the Senate in November and then again in 2014 for a full six year term. Speculation is that Christie is looking for a well respected moderate Republican who can win the seat in November....good luck finding a moderate in the Republican Party unless Christie were to appoint himself but then again the ambitious governor has White House aspirations that a Governor Christie would be better positioned to attain then a freshman Senator Christie. My guess is that Christie will look at Lt. Gov. Kim Guadagno or maybe state Sen. Tom Kean. On the Democratic side Newark Mayor Cory Booker who is already running for the Senate and expected to win the nomination and probably the New Jersey Senate seat. Polls show Booker the heavy favorite over potential Democratic primary challengers Congressmen Frank Pallone and Rush Holt. The young progressive elected Newark Mayor in 2006 is already viewed as a potential future Democratic President. The race to replace Lautenberg will heat up and right now the smart money is on Booker.